8 types of petty bourgeoisie's favorite coffee cup

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On a sunny afternoon or a rainy day, take a novel and sip tea with coffee. How can the most classic image of petty bourgeoisie lack the most important prop - coffee cup? Today, I'll show you eight beautiful cups loved by petty bourgeoisie people. If you want to be a petty bourgeoisie, buy them quickly

Starbucks mug & Accompanying cup

no matter chatting or working, Starbucks is undoubtedly the favorite place for petty bourgeoisie to go, and Starbucks' quarterly mugs or accompanying cups, from creative appearance to Brand Symbolic shape, attract petty bourgeoisie to take them as their own. The price can be consulted in Starbucks stores

Japanese elegant and soft ceramic coffee cup and Saucer Set

exquisite cup lines, exquisite details, fresh and elegant colors represent a mood of leisure life, and it is an essential item for petty bourgeoisie who love quality during afternoon tea. Taobao price ¥ 460

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