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In the face of the living environment with high air humidity, high salinity and often severe weather such as typhoons, residents in coastal areas pay more attention to the selection of outdoor furniture materials. Let bester customize it as a whole and find out what kind of material to use with you

with people's pursuit of outdoor home and courtyard life, it is also constantly upgrading! How to create a personalized exclusive space, which is not only practical, but also highlights the unique decoration style? Often let the owners have a lot of trouble. Especially in coastal areas, when facing the living environment with high air humidity, high salinity and often typhoons and other bad weather, the selection of outdoor furniture materials is more exquisite

at present, the following kinds of most commonly used outdoor home materials are popular in the market. Do these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages? Let the overall customization of bester find out with you what kind of material you plan to use

antiseptic wood

antiseptic wood has certain safety, stability and high cost performance. The disadvantage is that after long-term use, it will expand and contract with heat and cold, resulting in cracking, and the antiseptic wood with poor material may have certain toxicity

traditional iron art

iron art outdoor furniture is a common choice for traditional consumers. The surface of iron outdoor furniture is basically galvanized and sprayed with antirust paint, but the protective oxide layer on its surface is easy to wear, so daily maintenance and antirust are very important, and paint falling off or even rot is inevitable after a long time

aluminum profile

with its simple appearance, light structural quality, good plasticity, and less corrosion and rust than iron art, aluminum profile has become one of the most popular materials for indoor doors and windows and outdoor home furnishings. However, due to the characteristics of its innate material, it has relatively small density, no wear resistance, low melting point, especially the special climate in coastal areas, and is often vulnerable to typhoons and other special weather, When the wind force reaches a certain degree, aluminum outdoor furniture is prone to deformation due to its poor hardness and toughness under stress. Therefore, the use of aluminum profiles in outdoor furniture still needs to be considered

stainless steel

its characteristics are strong corrosion resistance, high finish, fire prevention, moisture-proof, antimagnetic, long service life, not easy to deform or crack, etc; The air in coastal areas is relatively humid, and the humidity and chloride ion content in the atmosphere are also relatively large. At the same time, the air salinity in coastal areas is greater than that in inland areas. Therefore, stainless steel is preferred for the most ideal material of residential household products in coastal areas; However, stainless steel furniture products used to give people a cold, rigid, no design feeling, not to mention the personalization of the scene

however, these are only the inherent impression of traditional stainless steel household products. With people's pursuit of the quality of living space and their desire for a better life, practicality, personalization and aesthetics are indispensable. The brand "beisgon" which provides high-end stainless steel overall customization for villas, mansions and outdoor courtyard spaces came into being! Our products cover garden doors, fences, balcony guardrails, protective windows, stairs, screens, pavilions, flower racks, grape racks and other series of household accessories. The series design is high-end, fashionable and diverse

European style

never ending classic

European style can be divided into northern Europe, simple Europe and traditional Europe according to different regional cultures. With a brand-new vision and method, we inject the classic humanities of Europe into our products; With awe of human history and admiration for art architecture, it shows you a different European art, so that you can feel pure European luxury without leaving home

Oriental feelings

the rise of new Chinese style

elegant but not heavy, dignified but not clumsy, Chinese design ideas are now more and more popular with consumers. With the return of Chinese culture, China has entered the Renaissance of traditional culture. New Chinese style does not appear out of thin air. It inherits the essence of tradition, refines and enriches the classic elements, and injects a new atmosphere into traditional culture

in addition to the above style products, the master of space customization craftsman pasgue also provides more rich and diverse combinations of scenes, spaces and product design customization, which must be able to meet consumers' pursuit of personalized, customized and artistic living space and realize the direction of a better life




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