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Now, more and more people are learning to enjoy the kitchen. The concept of "livingkitchen" and a new lifestyle help people who are willing to enjoy life realize their kitchen dreams

now, more and more people are learning to enjoy the kitchen. The concept of "livingkitchen" and a new lifestyle help people who are willing to enjoy life realize their kitchen dreams. Under the trend of modern overall home design, kitchen cabinet products are constantly changing with the trend from material, function to design

the kitchen in the traditional sense is more a place to reward personal taste. Now it is a magic space that can reflect good household habits and a studio for innovation. The kitchen cabinet has also changed from a series of furniture with storage and storage functions, especially for the production of meals in the kitchen, to a comprehensive furniture with functions such as storage, washing, cutting and matching, cooking and frying, as well as catering, reception, leisure and entertainment, learning and work. The evolution of the extension of the concept of kitchen cabinet interprets the breakthrough and sublimation of the connotation of kitchen cabinet. The entry of TV, audio, network, office and other equipment has changed the role of kitchen cabinets only as working tools. Maybe in the near future, kitchen cabinets will contain more cultural arts and aesthetic interests. With the application of fashion elements and high-tech, this aesthetic spiritual function will gradually become the mainstream

the rise of the concept of design main room

modern kitchen design is gradually changing the traditional layout of hanging cabinets and corner cabinets, which is characterized by open space and combined with lighting. The traditional hanging cabinet has become less and less important, and the high-rise cabinet with larger storage space has become a substitute

at present, the concept of kitchen cabinet extends to the main room. The so-called main room concept extends from the room pattern, such as bedroom, living room, study, etc. The layout of the kitchen cabinet is constantly changing, from the original L-shape and U-shape to the central position of the kitchen, breaking through the original shape. Several sides of the cabinet are not against the wall, there is an island in the center, and the water and electricity pipelines go underground. The concept of main room gives users more freedom and makes the kitchen full of vitality

standardization, equipping and integration

the standardization of kitchen cabinets has long plagued the kitchen cabinet industry and enterprises, but in recent years, there is hope and direction for a breakthrough - kitchen cabinets are developing towards equipping and integration. For example, the Italian Sher kitchen cabinet, the whole kitchen cabinet is a ball, placed in the center, next to the auxiliary kitchen appliances, when used, turn on the hemisphere, and when not in use, close it. Some kitchen cabinet enterprises in Japan have been paying attention to the development of equipment kitchen components. Many enterprises in China are developing or have produced kitchen integrated equipment, such as dishwasher and sink integrated equipment; Integrated equipment integrating range hood, stove and disinfection cabinet (oven). This is a further development of the concept of "integrated kitchen"

the tone tends to be calm and atmospheric

no matter how the fashion trend changes, people always yearn for classics that are not easy to be eliminated. Calm and Atmospheric Black Gray and deep coffee will become the popular colors of kitchen cabinets this year and next. Judging from the color of kitchen cabinets, in previous years, it was mainly pure color, and monochrome highlight materials, such as white, red, olive green, vanilla, etc., will continue to be popular. However, under the monochromatic background, local wood grain embellishment or natural wood grain will also be popular, and the wood grain color will return

the classical style cabinets are mostly made of solid wood, and the frames and door panels are carved by hand, plus manual painting and polishing, reflecting the retro style. Modern style kitchen cabinets are also keeping up with this trend. Imitation wood grain cabinets can be found everywhere, visually creating a warm sense of wood, but the shape is modern and simple, with a misplaced aesthetic feeling

diversified and intelligent hardware

with the trend of diversified design of kitchen cabinets, new high-tech hardware is constantly applied. Damping and mute technology will be extended to hardware outside the drawer, such as door hinge, upturned door hardware, etc. The use of kitchen lamps and lanterns will also gradually increase; The cabinet doors and drawers without handles and pressure spring will also be more extensive. Kitchen garbage disposal will also be accepted by more and more people. In addition, kitchen cabinet hardware will be more intelligent, many of which are electric induction. No matter how heavy or narrow the drawer is, it can be opened automatically with a touch or pull. The sliding door in the kitchen cabinet is also mostly automatically opened and repositioned. Even if both hands are holding items, the user can freely control them, which is safe and reliable





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