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Make good use of the economic crisis and take the initiative to attack. Make good use of the economic crisis and take the initiative to attack June 09, 2009. As an adjustment and reorganization of the world economic order, the financial crisis last year made more and more enterprises feel at a loss. But at the same time, it also makes many enterprises boldly take the initiative in the downturn. For example, Liu Chuanzhi's comeback and Ma Yun's "mission in winter" indicate that the crisis faced by Chinese enterprises should not be underestimated. The Chinese coating industry, such as the planning and construction of Chen Bing's branch plant and Fang Xueping's hiring of star endorsements, all suggest that the crisis is not terrible, and the opportunity lies in grasping

for many coating enterprises in China, recent survival is the only issue. Ian Davis, chairman and global president of McKinsey & company, said: "What is fairly certain is that when we finally enter the post crisis period, the business and economic environment will not return to the pre crisis state. In order to prepare their organizations for success in the new normal state, senior executives must focus on what has changed and what has basically remained unable to cope with the increased ability of trade protectionism for their customers, enterprises and industries. The result will be that, although the environment has been very different from the past, in the new environment, those enterprises that are prepared will still have considerable opportunities. "

in the face of rivals and reality, how to make a quick breakthrough is the top priority for some well-established enterprises. China's coating industry finally saw some hope in the spring of 2009

Fang Xueping, chairman of the Department of chemical industry of bards, was generous this year. He once invited three stars (Pu Cunxin, Zhang Tielin and chenjianbing) to be the spokesmen of the brand image, which shows his boldness and boldness. Especially in today's China's paint industry under the ravages of the financial crisis, it is like a bolt from the blue. Of course, on March 18, we can say without hesitation that it was bards chemical's years of hard internal skill training, with a solid foundation and strength. In the past, there were also coating enterprises, such as DuPont coating hired Tengger, metus hired jiangwenli, etc., but it is probably the only one in China's coating industry that an enterprise invites three stars as image spokesmen at one go. When asked why he did this, Mr. Fang personally said to me: "the first is to distinguish himself from his peers, the second is to quickly distance himself from his peers, and the third is to establish a better brand image." It is concise and to the point. It deserves to be an expert

another surprise to peers is Xingguan chemical's "do Xingguan, give BMW" marketing method. Needless to say, the problem is that if Xingguan sells 3million products a year, it will get a BMW as a free gift. The profits of Xingguan are not wasted. I asked Mr. zhujiangming, who was in charge of marketing, and he said, "that's a strategic loss. No problem." I also talked about this with some big dealers in the market survey, and many dealers are very interested. Some people say that if Xingguan can cooperate with dealers to promote in the regional market, it will be easy to succeed. To be honest, I am looking forward to the Xingguan marketing summary conference one year later. I would like to witness the success of this marketing case

"don't look at the ram barking violently. Look at his ability to cross the river." Action is the only evidence of thought and language. Of course, you can be a pure thinker or a pure debater. What I care more about is the innovation activist. We need to have a long-term vision for the enterprise, a strategic strategy for the brand, a penetrating approach to the market, and an immediate effect on the terminal. All these require our practical actions

I once wrote an article for Midea, a leader in China's home appliance industry, and I know that reform and innovation are necessary conditions for enterprise success. I have also written about China Resources paint, which is second to none in China's paint industry. I know that professionalization and internationalization are the secret of the rapid growth of enterprises. I also often chat with Chen Bing of zhanchenda chemical, knowing that talent cascade development and decentralization are prerequisites for the rapid expansion of an enterprise that consumes four pieces of aluminum foil in one experiment

forward looking enterprises can make good use of the economic downturn, reduce marketing operation costs and improve their efficiency. What we need to consider about the convenience and frugality of use is how much effort has really affected every customer and transaction? What services do customers need? What is the true profit margin of these services? Which customers and markets are growing and which are shrinking? Knowing about customers allows enterprises to focus their sales resources where they need them, thereby reducing waste without reducing value. In fact, if an enterprise abandons some traditional practices (for example, it needs or wants large-scale sales coverage for key customers) and seizes the opportunity to improve efficiency by sharing knowledge and resources, the sales force can do better and reduce costs

make good use of the economic crisis, which is what experts do; Take the initiative to attack, that is what the brave do. What category do you belong to

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