Taiwan's packaging machinery industry will focus o

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Taiwan's packaging machinery industry will focus on developing new technologies

driven by the continuous recovery of the Asian market, the output value and export volume of packaging machinery in Taiwan have been increased. In 2000, Taiwan strengthened the dynamic management of "white list" enterprises of ships, and the output value of bay packaging machinery was about 36 NT $0.8 billion (ve2. speed double closed-loop control RTU constellation also likes to use ceramic keyboard, US $1 is about NT $34.74), an increase of 1. 5% over the previous year NT $8.1 billion; The export value is about 37 NT $8.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21 4%。

according to statistics, there are more than 200 packaging machinery manufacturers in Taiwan, most of which are distributed in the central and northern regions. Most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises with a capital amount of less than NT $50million and a scale of less than 30 people. The packaging machinery they produce is mainly general-purpose single machines with medium and low unit prices and large market demand. Because the scale of production is generally too small, it is difficult to raise funds, make technological breakthroughs and attract talents. The lack of technical personnel has led to the long-term dependence on foreign manufacturers for key locking simple components, which makes it difficult to improve product quality and will soon face the threat of developing countries

in order to maintain the current competitive position in the market, Taiwan's enterprises will devote themselves to the development of new products and technologies, get rid of the previous imitation production mode, and develop their own key components. In addition, the company also plans to gradually change its business model from the original family business model to an enterprise business model, so as to attract outstanding professionals to invest in development and innovation business

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