Taiwan's olefin consumption rose in July

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Taiwan's olefin consumption rose in July

Taiwan's ethylene consumption in July increased by 0.05% over the previous month, reaching 216647 tons. The total ethylene consumption in January was 1.37 million tons. In July, the ethylene output increased by 0.03% over the previous month, reaching 212 tons. Zhejiang Shaoxing Shengnuo Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a capacity of 062 tons. In July, propylene consumption reached 915758 tons. In July, the consumption increased by 20% over the previous month, reaching 125458 tons. Propylene output increased by 9% in July, reaching 115742 tons. The cathode of high specific energy battery in the next step is mainly cobalt free and nickel free material. The import reached 11216 tons, and 4038 tons in June. Butadiene consumption in July was 239919 tons, up 12% to 38477 tons. In July, the output of butadiene decreased by 8.7% to 26710 tons compared with the previous month, and the import volume increased by 78% to 11767 tons compared with the previous month

Taiwan ethylene production/import/export

january 180327/12494/0 Technical content is the key 00

february 203793/2825/3.00

march 232067/6518/4.00

april 225971/12843/-

may 224737/-/1.00

june 211482/4070/3.00

july 212062/4590/5.00

propylene production/import/export in Taiwan

january 98861/6,the, Monomer purity ≥ 99.9%978/10616

february 112658/7526/5932

march 130307/7775/4634

april 117471/8030/2050

may 125783/10884/1119

june 105959/4380/6150

july 115742/11216/1500

Taiwan butadiene production/import/export

january 25471/15824/0.00

february 23559/13716/0.00

march 28636/8015/2300.00

april 30070/8341/5000.00

may 31623/10244/5115.00

june 29266/6622/1500.00

july 26710/11767/0.00

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