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Taking advantage of the tide of "intelligent manufacturing", the food machinery industry is expected to turn the tide.

as an indispensable food machinery manufacturing industry in the food industry, the reform can calculate the value of the work consumed in the punching sample according to the above formula to develop rapidly after the opening up, which is of great significance to meet consumer demand and promote the development of China's deep processing industry of agricultural products. However, due to various reasons, the overall level of China's food machinery industry is not high, especially in terms of high-end technology. In the future, with the global wave of "industry 4.0", China's food machinery and equipment industry is expected to reverse the current situation through intelligent manufacturing and become bigger and stronger in the world

there is an old Chinese saying: "food is the most important thing for the people". No matter how the times develop, "food" still occupies an important position in clothing, food, housing and transportation. Food machinery is the basic equipment of food production. After the reform and opening up, it has been growing with the progress of food industry. China's food machinery industry has grown from scratch, gradually moving from low-end to high-end, achieving a qualitative leap, and can basically meet the equipment needs of major domestic food production fields. During this period, a number of excellent food machinery enterprises, such as Dayelong, pryson, new American star, org, Yongchuang intelligent, Central Asia Machinery, Lehui, rose, involving food machinery segments such as liquid packaging, beverage machine, filling machine, food packaging machinery, and so on, making contributions to leading China's food machinery industry to the world

although China's food machinery industry has made great achievements in the short term, there are still many problems. It is mainly reflected in three aspects: first of all, the food machinery industry in China has a low start and late development, and some basic supporting equipment is not perfect. Secondly, China has a large number of food machinery enterprises, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, with insufficient R & D investment and relatively weak technical force. Finally, with the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend that has been put into use, food machinery enterprises will also face the adjustment of industrial upgrading and transformation, especially those traditional factories that are not highly automated and rely on manual labor will face a huge test

in the face of the above three problems, it is urgent for food machinery enterprises to strengthen R & D investment and improve the level of intelligent production. "Industry 4.0" is known as the fourth world industrial revolution, and China is on the same starting line with developed countries for the first time. Through "industry 4.0", China's food machinery is expected to break the problems caused by historical reasons, such as low start and late development, and turn the tide in one fell swoop

the German academic and industrial circles believe that the concept of "industry 4.0" is the fourth industrial revolution or revolutionary production method led by intelligent manufacturing. The strategy aims to transform the manufacturing industry into an intelligent one and realize intelligent factory, intelligent production and intelligent logistics by making full use of the combination of information communication technology and cyber physical system

on May 19, 2015, the State Council issued made in China 2025, which is the first ten-year action program for China to implement the manufacturing power strategy, officially opening the prelude to "industry 4.0". The report makes it clear that intelligent manufacturing is the key direction of future manufacturing development. China has started the intelligent manufacturing pilot in 2015, expanded it in 2016, and will promote the strategy more comprehensively in 2017. For the food machinery industry in the golden period of development, only by seizing this rare historical opportunity, promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading, and promoting intelligent and automated production, can we narrow the international gap and even catch up with developed countries

you should know that in the industrial field, whoever has mastered the technology has the right to speak. In the "industry 4.0" period, it is not only necessary to master the technology, but also necessary for the technology to meet the needs of the intelligent development trend. The reason why food machinery enterprises increase the layout through technology is that they are optimistic about the future market opportunities and R & D of battery materials, and obtain the pricing power of products. This will enable some enterprises that attach importance to R & D investment to stand out, get rid of the vicious circle of low price competition, and become the winners of industrial development. In addition, the combination of automation and digitalization of production equipment in food machinery enterprises will help enterprises to produce products more in line with customer needs. At the same time, intelligent production is of great significance for enterprises to reduce human cost investment, alleviate the pressure of declining demographic dividend, and realize product standardization and large-scale production

to sum up, it is an inevitable trend for the development of China's food machinery industry to improve the level of intelligent and automated production. Chinese food machinery manufacturers should seize this historical development opportunity, pay attention to R & D and technology, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and improve the status of Chinese food machinery in the world

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