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Is the glass market trend analysis like this

in terms of supply, at the beginning of November, there were still two production lines for cold repair and resumption of production, with a total daily melting capacity of 1500 tons/day. After the ignition and commissioning of several new production lines in the third quarter released a large amount of capacity, no new production lines have been ignited and commissioned in the fourth quarter. In addition, it is worth noting that 1. Jointly open up new prospects for bilateral relations. Since the middle of January, three production lines have been put into cold repair, with a total daily melting capacity of 1550 tons/day. The shutdown capacity is mainly concentrated in North and East China, thus alleviating the local contradiction between supply and demand to a certain extent. On the whole, the current daily melting capacity of float glass is basically the same as that in the same period of 17 years, still at a historical high

in terms of demand, we have analyzed in the previous report that the overall trend of the spot market after the National Day holiday is weak, and there is no trend of booming production and sales in the traditional peak season. On the whole, this year's order processing is not as good as last year, and the peak season performance is not as good as the same period of this year. It is worth noting that the order situation in the northern region is acceptable due to the rush to work at the end of the year, while the order situation in the southern region is relatively stable, and this situation may continue for some time

in terms of inventory, the inventory water of float glass production line has reached 30million US dollars since November, which has continued to decline, especially after the middle of the year. On the one hand, there are 21 cold repair and shutdown production lines in the multi chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry, which eases the supply pressure in some regions; On the other hand, from the perspective of terminal demand, there has been a certain year-end rush in the northern region recently, and the processing orders are acceptable, while the orders in the southern region are relatively stable, so the overall inventory of production enterprises has been significantly reduced. From the perspective of social inventory, the overall trend of the spot market during the "golden nine and silver ten" period this year is weak, without the performance of both production and sales in the traditional peak season. In September, the social inventory of float glass was still significantly higher than that in the same period of previous years. On the whole, although the inventory level of manufacturers has decreased significantly recently due to the cold repair of several production lines and the rush to work at the end of the year, the social inventory pressure of float glass can not be underestimated

to sum up, although the glass spot market has improved recently compared with the previous period, market confidence has been boosted, and the futures price has rebounded significantly. However, on the one hand, the current supply pressure is still relatively large, on the other hand, the improvement on the demand side is difficult to continue, and the terminal demand probability will weaken again in the future. At that time, after the manufacturer's inventory pressure rises, the spot price will also be adjusted

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