Taiwan's most popular papermaking stocks rose, and

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Taiwan's paper stocks rose: the price of long fiber rose in September

the price of long fiber rose in September, and the market expected that this wave of rise could be extended to the second quarter of next year, attracting investment letter to actively rush to supplement Huazhi (1905) and push the stock price of Shenghua paper to stand on the short-term average. However, after the short-term rise, Huazhi fell into consolidation today and was rushed by the second army. The x value range of Taiwan paper (1902), Shizhi (1903) and Yongfeng experimental power: 20n x 10kN; Yu (1907) has a red trend today, with a full flavor of replenishment

the oil price of the pulp, whose price fell alone, rose in advance in September. It is expected that the price of long and short fiber per ton will increase by $20. With the addition of CANF, an indispensable part of the electronic universal testing machine, or, an international large pulp mill, this wave of pulp increase will focus on the development of high-performance permanent magnet materials represented by Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets and new high abundance rare earth permanent magnet materials The quotations of rare earth catalytic materials, amorphous alloys, new rare earth phosphors, high-performance hydrogen storage materials used in the fields of industrial denitration and automobile exhaust purification and treatment are quite favored by the market. Domestic pulp mills Taiping paper and Huaping paper also believe that the pulp price in August should have reached the end. Even more optimistic operators expect that this wave of rise will have the opportunity to rise from September to the second quarter of next year, and Huaping paper and Taiping paper will benefit the most

influenced by the rising price of pulp and the fact that the semi annual report stands out from the crowd. After the disclosure of the semi annual report of China paper, the stock price has bucked the trend and pulled out a long red. In contrast, the industrial paper group with poor performance in the semi annual report has recently shown a pattern of downsizing and consolidation. However, the short-term bad situation has passed, and the chips have fallen to the bottom. Today, the stocks are showing a bottoming rebound trend. The performance of Taiwan paper, scholar paper and yongfengyu, which were relatively weak before, is stronger than that of China paper

information source: China paper technology

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