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Muru, an incubator of Telstra, Beijing, China, June 27, 2017 -- the third phase of muru-d project in Singapore, an incubator of Telstra, is open to science and technology start-ups. Ten science and technology start-ups will have the opportunity to participate in this six-month incubator project. The project will be launched in September 2017

meanwhile, Singapore muru-d announced today that it will adopt unrestricted future equity simple agreement (SAFE) notes for phase III technology start-ups. The new ABS and as can be completely mixed. The safe bill first launched by Gabor muru-d in Southeast Asia will help simplify financing terms and ensure that incubator projects continue to attract the best digital talents in Southeast Asia. Muru-d is the first project in Southeast Asia to use safe notes to analyze the iron content in lubricating oil

Craig Dixon, an entrepreneur from muru-d in Singapore, said: the number of start-ups in Southeast Asia is growing. With the local government gradually increasing investment in artificial intelligence, data analysis, medical technology and advanced manufacturing, we are committed to investing in local ecosystems to support the continuous growth and maturity of digital talents in these and other fields

muru-d will provide s $60000 of early-stage seed capital for each start-up. They will also receive six months of business support, use the collaborative office space located in the center of Singapore's central business district, and have the opportunity to visit Silicon Valley and meet world-class consultants, mentors, investors and industry experts from Australian telecommunications

the safe agreement is more simplified and beneficial to start-ups. It invests in enterprises in the form of convertible notes, and enables start-ups to convert agreements into options when valuing the enterprise value after the first financing

dixon said: complex terms and agreements may be suitable for large enterprises, but not necessarily for start-ups. These new terms can make mu ru-d's financing structure such as collision conform to global best practices, ensure that start-ups win the best deals, and focus on growing into sustainable global enterprises. Safe notes help muru-d attract early and late start-ups. We believe that our project will continue to create huge value for these enterprises, and people will use more research in building materials

muru-d is an entrepreneurial incubator under the Australian telecommunications company. Telstra aims to attract the best digital talents in the region through muru-d, promote local technological innovation, and expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The main purpose of muru-d project is to adopt global thinking, practice the international route and strengthen international cooperation. This includes cooperation with 500 startups, the icehouse, the junction, chinaaccelerator (China accelerator), hax and other global entrepreneurship accelerators

so far, 17 start-ups in Southeast Asia have participated in the first two phases of muru-d in Singapore. In March 2017, eight start-ups in the second phase of muru-d project in Singapore successfully completed the accelerator project, adding more than 12000 new customers and increasing revenue by more than SGD 300000

in addition, muru-d Singapore will also launch a tour exhibition in Southeast Asia, so that interested start-ups and investors can learn more about the project

about muru-d:

muru-d is a global start-up business incubator funded by Australian Telecom, which aims to support the best technology entrepreneurship talents in the Asia Pacific region. Muru-d mainly provides customized incubation services and investment for early-stage technology start-ups, and provides guidance through mature relationships in China, Israel, New Zealand and the United States, thus promoting Australia and Southeast Asia to become digital enterprise centers. Muru-d operates incubator projects in Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

about Telstra:

Telstra is an industry-leading telecommunications and technology services company with a focus on the Asia Pacific region and businesses all over the world. We provide a full range of services in the Australian telecommunications industry, including the operation of Australia's largest mobile communications and Wi Fi networks. In terms of global services, we also provide a variety of end-to-end solutions, including international network and hosting services, global connectivity, cloud computing, voice calls, host hosting, conferences and satellite communication services. We have operating licenses in Asia, Europe and the United States, connecting up to 2000 network access points around the world. Please visit for details

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