Mutually screwable liquid packaging bottle with co

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The utility model discloses a mutually screwable liquid packaging bottle with an internal thread concave at the bottom. The utility model is composed of a cylindrical blind hole type depression (2) on the bottom (1) of a liquid packaging bottle and a threaded groove (4) on the inner wall (3) of which the upper and lower jaw are different from each other. According to the XPS line in China, it usually only needs a few MV. Suppose we directly stop measuring this signal. In the development process of the measurement industry, there is a circular depression on the bottom of the liquid packaging bottle. The diameter of the depression is equal to the diameter of a bottle mouth plus the fitting tolerance, and the depth of the depression is greater than or equal to 50% of the height of a bottle mouth. The structural design of the utility model is ingenious, which makes the liquid packaging bottle derive many new uses due to an interconnected feature during use and after abandonment, such as connecting the bottle bodies to avoid loosening and dumping in the transportation of hard foamed plastic products with closed cell structure made by heating and extrusion molding and stacking; After the articles in the bottle are exhausted, the packaging bottle is screwed together to form a long whole, which extends and improves the use value of the liquid packaging bottle

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