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Agricultural machinery mutual insurance urgently needs to be promoted by "top-level design"

during the Spring Festival in recent two years, the heads of agricultural machinery departments at all levels in Shaanxi and Hubei provinces have one more thing, that is, the joint agricultural machinery mutual insurance member service station formed a sympathy research group, brought "new year goods" such as rice flour, oil, meat and eggs, and visited the agricultural machinery households that had accidents. In the Spring Festival of the past two years, the heads of agricultural machinery departments at all levels in Shaanxi and Hubei provinces have one more thing, that is, the joint agricultural machinery mutual insurance member service station formed a condolences research group, brought rice noodles, oil, meat and eggs and other new year goods, and visited the agricultural machinery households that had accidents

farmers buy agricultural machinery to make a fortune, but they can't afford to win or lose. Once they suffer a major accident, they can't turn over for at least a few years, or more than a dozen years, and the new year is even more sad; In the past, accidents and disputes were difficult to mediate, because when it comes to casualties and losses, the problem of final money was not found. The families of the parties often resorted to extremes and carried the bodies and the wounded to the government for comment, which is also very difficult for the government. Now with mutual insurance, it is easier to deal with the problem by distinguishing, compensating according to the rules, and providing relief for difficulties. Talking about the changes before and after the pilot of agricultural machinery mutual insurance, an expert from Jiangtai insurance brokerage company said

it was learned that by the end of 2012, 73 counties and 95 counties in Shaanxi and Hubei provinces had launched agricultural machinery mutual insurance, with more than 19000 and 54000 mutual members, respectively, and the overall regional coverage reached 83% and 97% respectively. The pilot work of agricultural machinery safety mutual insurance carried out by the above-mentioned Jiangtai company in cooperation with Shaanxi and Hubei agricultural machinery safety supervision systems and the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Safety Association has not only satisfied the requirements of the same experimental specification for the stress level (such as thermal stress, vibration stress, electrical stress, etc.) of the environmental experimental equipment applied to the tested products in the past four years, but also solved the problem of unified handling traffic insurance for dual-purpose agricultural machinery, Moreover, it solves the problems that agricultural machinery for pure farmland operation is exempted from compulsory insurance and agricultural machinery itself, driving operators and third parties do not have insurance

however, when the pilot entered the first five years of the large underground structural reduction manufacturing cost stage (1992-2015) in 2013, only Hunan Province was ready to substantially follow up. Relevant experts pointed out that the current development of agricultural machinery mutual insurance lacks top-level design promotion. Establishing a high-end public promotion platform is the key to promote the pilot experience to the whole country and form greater development

According to the introduction, the agricultural machinery mutual aid insurance, which was first launched in Shaanxi in 2009 and followed up in Hubei the next year, is based on the principle of government organization promotion, farmers' mutual aid, insurance institutions, compensation for farmers' losses, rolling accumulation of balances, and membership interest points. The general insurance price is 40% to 60% lower than that of commercial insurance. For example, there is only one compulsory insurance for a tractor, which is about 460 yuan to 640 yuan, while the fuselage, manipulator and the three insurances of mutual insurance add up to about 300 yuan. This enables farmers to afford and use it. The financial principle of agricultural machinery mutual insurance is to balance revenue and expenditure, with a slight balance, and members enjoy the balance rights and interests

in the past four years, agricultural machinery mutual insurance has complied with national policies and regulations, established rules and systems, and developed steadily through organizational innovation. It combines mutual insurance with safety management, risk prevention, accident rescue, loss compensation, dispute mediation, and poverty relief, and has achieved social security effects of solving farmers' difficulties, sharing government concerns, and guaranteeing agricultural machinery. In the words of insiders, agricultural machinery mutual insurance has shortened the distance between government law enforcement departments and farmers, and solved the problems of unilateral law enforcement in the past, such as licensing, certification, charging, supervision, punishment, etc. by the agricultural machinery safety supervision department, farmers are disgusted with avoiding or even resisting; It has changed the management mode of agricultural machinery supervision and law enforcement from the previous big hat management type to the people-friendly management service type, and solved the problems of law enforcement not serving, farmers disobeying, accidents not reporting, and accident statistics not being true; It has solved the problems of no rescue, no insurance compensation, no means of mediation in agricultural machinery accidents and relief for households in difficulty in major accidents

according to the 2012 agricultural machinery mutual insurance report released by relevant parties, the Shaanxi provincial government issued a subsidy policy in 2012, which subsidized 40% of the premium for tractor drivers and third-party mutual insurance, harvester fuselage, drivers and third-party mutual insurance participating in mutual insurance. By the end of 2012, the ratio of the insured amount of agricultural machinery in Shaanxi Province to the statistical ownership of 230000 sets was 8.29%, and the mutual insurance fee collected was 8.75 million yuan, of which farmers paid 6.35 million yuan and the financial subsidy was 2.4 million yuan, an increase of 103% over 4.3 million yuan in 2011. 1114 agricultural machinery accidents were reported throughout the year, an increase of 2.7 times over 2011, including 890 accident losses within the scope of mutual insurance, 665 cases have been compensated and closed, and compensation of 2.07 million yuan has been paid; Hubei has raised a total of 20.9194 million yuan of agricultural machinery mutual insurance fees, aiming to improve the environmental protection upgrading of the automotive industry and accumulate 4.184 million yuan of agricultural machinery risk reserves. A total of 832 agricultural machinery accidents were rescued and dealt with, and the estimated expiration expenditure of agricultural machinery mutual aid accident rescue compensation was 4095200 yuan

agricultural machinery insurance needs several party linkage

with the promulgation and implementation of the agricultural insurance regulations, the internal control systems such as the financial accounting management system, terms and rates, and practical operating procedures of mutual insurance in the past pilot projects are facing new requirements. Will agricultural machinery mutual insurance enter the stage of improving organizational system construction and enter the spring of vigorous development? A researcher of Jiangtai company believes that, in fact, the development of agricultural machinery insurance has always been a big difficulty. Even if the legal compulsory insurance coverage rate is overestimated by less than 5%. It's not that farmers don't need it, but that a set of commercial insurance systems and mechanisms can't meet the demand of agricultural machinery. As an integral part of policy agricultural insurance, agricultural machinery insurance cannot rely solely on insurance institutions, cooperative organizations and agricultural departments, but must be combined in three. The pilot experience of Shaanxi and Hubei also illustrates this point. However, it is a pity that this kind of organizational system innovation, which originated from the middle end of the provincial level, still lacks the high-end top-level design and organizational system arrangement of the central government's competent agricultural department. Even if there is a breakthrough, it is difficult to form a general follow-up. The researcher said that the solution to the development of agricultural machinery mutual insurance lies in strengthening the top-level design. The Ministry of agriculture should take the lead to establish an open organization platform that can accommodate the research, coordination and promotion of development composed of relevant experts from the agricultural department, insurance supervision department, association organizations and insurance institutions, so as to pool various forces and overcome difficulties. This open organization platform can be called the agricultural machinery cooperative insurance promotion and Development Committee of the Ministry of agriculture

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