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I feel about packaging design

before the beginning of this course, I have heard about its design content and wide range. I feel deeply about this topic today. For packaging design, even for all design projects, the largest target group is consumers. Therefore, whether to make a plan that satisfies both consumers and manufacturers has become a topic that contemporary designers must consider and study. This packaging design class lasts for five weeks. Although the time is short, I still hope to learn the essence of packaging design. It sounds like an unreachable idea, but I think it is not only an idea, but also a goal for me. It also constantly inspires me to look forward

in the first two weeks of the packaging class, we copied and made a complete package by ourselves, familiar with the importance of packaging for a product, and at the same time, we also learned some elements and prerequisites that packaging must have. In the next three weeks, I chose tea packaging without hesitation. Someone asked me why I chose such a troublesome theme, and my answer was very positive. Since the teacher didn't give us a problem, I would give myself a problem and test my strength. In fact, in my previous study, I always wanted to find a way to express tradition and modernity side by side. The packaging design of tea can fully serve as the carrier of this way. Therefore, in my next creative idea, the word "make the past serve the present" has been running through my whole design

in the initial stage of creation, I collected a lot of information about tea. Now it seems that what I did at that time was a little futile, because I didn't determine my target brand at that time, but just went to the mall to check; However, there must be gains as well as losses. In the process of inquiry, I, a person who never drinks tea, also have a deeper understanding of tea, a traditional Chinese drink

after thousands of choices, I chose the pressed tea that can best show the characteristics of external packaging. However, as a representative of pressed tea, Pu'er tea aroused my strong curiosity; In terms of brand, I chose "Tianmu Mingcha". So in the following time, I spent a lot of time collecting all aspects of data about "tightening this kind of tension force should not be greater than 2% of the corresponding force value of the nominal tensile strength of the experimental wire", "Pu'er tea", and "tianzhangming tea", and accumulated a large amount of information in my brain. Tea, coke and coffee are the three major beverages in the world. The annual per capita consumption of tea in the world is 500 grams, while that in Japan and other countries is 1200 grams; One third of the world's people drink tea, and at least half of the tea drinkers know Pu'er tea. Pu'er tea is a world famous tea at home and abroad. It is a regional famous tea that cannot be copied. In June, 2002, at the International Symposium on Chinese Pu'er tea held in Xishuangbanna, experts and scholars from various countries defined the concept of Pu'er tea: Pu'er tea is a historical famous tea produced in the origin of tea trees in the Lancang River Basin of Yunnan Province, and Pu'er tea is a special tea processed from the fresh leaves of Yunnan large leaf tea trees, Pu'er tea is a kind of post fermented tea made from ShaiQing Mao tea, a kind of Yunnan big leaf tea, through slow natural fermentation and artificial post fermentation. At the same time, it should also have the appearance of Pu'er tea, which is thick, fat and complete, and its color is brownish red or slightly grayish white; Endoplasmic soup has the quality characteristics of red and bright color, rich aroma, brownish red leaf bottom and mellow taste. After getting a lot of relevant information, I began to work on the specific design

this packaging design is a series design. At least three styles are designed for a theme series. According to the survey, Pu'er tea is divided into loose tea and pressed tea in terms of varieties. Loose tea is divided into super grade and grade 1 to grade 10 and beyond. Pressed tea has the shapes of cake, brick, mound, column, golden melon, head and so on. Therefore, I chose the most representative three kinds: brick tea, cake tea and xiaotuo tea

as for the color design of tea packaging, I also finalized the draft after careful research and screening. Color is the most attractive to customers in the packaging design. If the color is matched properly, it will make consumers feel pleasing to the eye and attract consumers' attention. I finally chose green, the representative color of tea, maroon after Pu'er tea, and orange, which gives people a sense of security

in the image design of tea packaging, I chose the characteristics of giving priority to patterns, supplemented by words, and collected a large number of traditional Chinese patterns, because tea itself is the most traditional thing in China, so how to closely combine the two and completely reflect the attributes of goods is the most critical issue. However, the patterns on some packages are old and cumbersome, not very marketable, and lack a sense of the times. They are repetitive and have no personality. Ancient patterns such as dragons and phoenixes are used indiscriminately everywhere. Tradition is not retro, let alone copied. Nationality is not represented by drawing a dragon or a Phoenix. It should be given a new content and a new life to play the role of incremental filling. Life and new forms should be integrated into a spirit, and a charm should be reflected. So what kind of form to use to reflect the charm of tea has become the top priority in the whole design process. I think tradition should be a style, a fashion, more symbolic and concise, which is also very consistent with the personality of tea

I personally think that the zipper color, pattern, text and other elements in the tea packaging design, such as some vertical bags, are closely related to the goods. The key problem is how to accurately and quickly transmit the commodity information. This is the problem that designers should put in the first place, and this is also the standard to measure whether a packaging design is excellent. I also completed the whole design according to this standard

subvert the tradition. If you want to impress the hearts of consumers, the packaging should be improved to look more noble and fashionable. You should give consumers the same feeling as perfume and cosmetics. At first glance, you feel very high-end and high-quality. It is suggested that advertisements can be made in print media to highlight the characteristics of "refinement, quality, nobility and sensibility". For example, two young women who use fashion in various fields drink afternoon tea and hold exquisite teapots to create an elegant atmosphere. Or, like the summer fruit tea advertisement, which advertises the new fruit flavored black tea, cleverly turns the theme from the traditional description to the description of vibrant youth activities. Changing traditional concepts and integrating tradition and modernity perfectly will become my continuous goal in future design

Zhao Shuo, class 037, School of art, Northeastern University

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