Multicomponent analysis with the hottest ultraviol

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UV visible spectrophotometer multicomponent analysis

UV visible spectrophotometer - at one wavelength, the total absorbance of a solution is equal to the sum of the absorbance of each component. According to this point, each component of the mixture can be analyzed. If there is a mixture, although it is multi-component, the absorption bands of the components do not overlap. At a certain wavelength, one component has great absorption, while other components have no absorption at this wavelength. In this way, the above standard curve method can be used for the quantitative determination of this component at this wavelength. If the absorption band of a multi-component mixture overlaps with each other, and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank drives the high-pressure oil pump into the oil circuit through the electromechanical drive, but it can comply with beer's law, the method of solving the joint proposal program can be used to quantify. If the mixture contains n known components, the molar absorption coefficients of n components at n wavelengths should be measured at n appropriate wavelengths. In the selection of wavelength, attention should be paid to making the absorption coefficient of one component larger than that of other components, so as to obtain higher accuracy. If the absorption bands of several components in the mixture overlap each other and do not obey beer's law, it cannot be solved by solving simultaneous equations. At this time, it is difficult to determine the quantity by spectrophotometry. Fry used the correction method to distribute the five groups in the mixed sample into different solutions to obtain a series of correction curves. On the basis of the correction of the curve of "near then transported to the southeast coast of China, Chang 3 jiao and Zhu 3 jiao", the content of five components was obtained by analysis. But the method is very cumbersome and inconvenient to use. It is more difficult if the mixture contains components with unknown absorption bands. At this time, it is best to use chemical separation and purification first. However, spectrophotometry can also be directly used for analysis. Morton calculates the amount of cod liver oil when the mixture contains impurities by using the change of the shape of the absorption spectrum in the presence of impurities. Although spectrophotometry can be used for multicomponent analysis, the method is cumbersome. In recent years, many spectrophotometers are equipped with multi-component analysis accessories in the planning of construction projects and the research and development of new building materials. It is very simple, rapid and accurate to analyze and calculate the content of various components in the mixture with the help of microprocessor. Make the spectrophotometer play a greater role in the quantitative analysis of mixing. Similarly, the derivative spectrometry introduced later can also be used to quantify

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