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My opinion on label design and printing (Part 1)

as a new force in packaging printing, label printing has been favored by more and more people of insight because of its huge development prospects and rich profits. The label market with a rapid growth rate of more than 30% every year, the grand holding of more than 10 special lectures and exhibitions on label printing every year, as well as China print 05 and Label Expo Europe 2005 in Brussels, Belgium, all convey an indisputable fact to the printing industry: the spring of label printing is coming. So, how can we seize this great opportunity? How can we make a good label? Let me share my views

label refers to all labels, tags, words, graphics, symbols and descriptions on or attached to the packaging container. The basic functions of the label are: name, formula, net content and solid content, factory name, batch number, date mark, etc. It is a description of the product quality, the first-class products and the excellent service, safety characteristics, eating and drinking instructions for the user. The most important significance of labels in the modern sense to solve the emergence of fusion lines lies in the container effect - strongly and fully show the unique and beautiful appearance of products, and use consumers' yearning for beautiful things to arouse their desire to buy

general supermarkets and department stores have more than 10000 kinds of large and small commodities, and large supermarkets such as Carrefour and Wal Mart often have more than 30000 kinds of products. So how to stand out among these thousands of commodities and finally complete the sales and create profits? First of all, your product should reach the eyes of consumers to the greatest extent, transmit your information to consumers with every move, create a momentum of giving up and competing, and clearly tell consumers that this is the best, which we strongly recommend. It is not difficult to find that the products of famous companies such as P & G, Unilever, Colgate and Gillette all appear at a shelf height of 1.2-1.5 meters or are filled with containers on the whole surface, and there is a single brand in the whole vision range, and its effect is self-evident. In addition, in the design of packaging and labels, we should strive to be novel and eye-catching, delight consumers' visual enjoyment, attract consumers' eyeballs and stimulate their purchase desire

let's take a look at how P & G does it:

P & G's product display

among these samples, there are either large areas of spot colors with bright and full colors; Or it is the harmonious collocation of black and white with the embellishment of metal effect, showing unparalleled texture and noble taste; Or the shiny metal effect and concave convex surface finishing will bring you an extraordinary feeling

let's take a look at Unilever packaging design:

the product display of Unilever packaging design

also provides a technical guarantee for the development of low halogen, low smoke and environmentally friendly flame retardant PP

bright and lively colors coupled with the black on the paper, the LCD automatically shows fashion without losing dignity. This unique design has become a unique style of lux

the strong color impact reveals the flashing metal texture, which will definitely attract your attention

(to be continued)

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