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When inspecting the brand-new equipment imported by an enterprise within its jurisdiction, the staff of Yantai inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that there were many hidden dangers detrimental to the personal safety of the operator, put forward rectification opinions and required the enterprise to submit a technical treatment plan for rectification within a time limit

this batch of equipment is 8 special machine tools for valve manufacturing, with a value of US $110000, all produced by a Taiwan company

after on-site investigation, the inspectors of the Bureau found that four items of equipment safety did not meet the mandatory requirements of the national technical specifications: first, the equipment grounding treatment was not standardized or did not do grounding treatment; Second, the anti electric shock design of the electrical cabinet door of the equipment is unqualified; Third, all emergency stop buttons of the equipment cannot be self-locking; Fourth, there are no safety warning signs on the electrical cabinets and dangerous parts of the equipment. If the above problems are not rectified and qualified, they may cause great personal injury to the operator during use

according to the inspectors, the imported enterprises only check the equipment based on Taiwan's current products: PWS ⑴ 00 embedded channel message fatigue tester, spare wheel lifting durability fatigue test bench, PWS ⑵ 54 channel automobile torsion beam fatigue test system, electro-hydraulic servo 4-channel harmonic loading fatigue test system, automobile transmission shaft change fatigue performance test bench The recommendations of customers for a variety of special products, such as leaf spring electro-hydraulic servo fatigue test system, only take into account the price advantage and do not have a detailed understanding before import. The equipment manufacturer is a small-scale manufacturer in Taiwan. The reason for the above problems may be that the equipment manufacturer did not consider the safety performance of the equipment due to the gap in technical strength; Another possibility is that the manufacturer cut corners on the equipment exported to the mainland and failed to manufacture according to the technical specifications

here, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant enterprises to import small-scale equipment. It should be noted that the recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer base. It is intended to address the following issues: first, pay attention to the assessment of manufacturers before importing equipment. The manufacturer's production qualification and equipment quotation should be comprehensively measured, and the manufacturer with technical strength should be selected as far as possible. Second, there is no technology that can replace all other energy storage technologies for small-scale equipment at present, and pre import inspection should also be paid attention to. Due to the small number of imported equipment and low value of goods, pre shipment inspection is not feasible in terms of cost. At this time, it is suggested that enterprises require manufacturers to provide digital photos of the appearance, control panel and internal electrical system of the equipment, so as to have a preliminary understanding of the safety performance of the equipment. Third, pay attention to the arrival inspection of equipment. Pp/epdm is the optional material for the door panel of imported equipment T10、PP/EPDM. Before the use of T15 and pp/epdm-t20, the safety items must be inspected by professionals, and the installation and commissioning can be carried out after confirming that there is no potential safety hazard, so as to ensure the personal safety of the operator

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