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"IOT": RFID and sensor manufacturers benefit first. IOT is an extension of interconnection. From the perspective of investment, RFID and sensor manufacturers benefit first, followed by system integrators, and finally IOT operators. This is because: first, RFID and sensors are in the widest demand, and manufacturers currently know the needs of customers best; Second, IOT involves many technologies and industries, and there is a huge demand for system integration, and the system integrator has a feasibility study report on the construction scheme of 1million tons of alumina and supporting self provided thermal power stations, which has been completed by relevant professional institutes; Be able to control upstream suppliers according to the established construction plan; Third, the application of IOT will expand horizontally from the vertical application of the industry, and the demand for massive data processing and information management will give birth to operator giants. From the perspective of growth space, the largest growth is the IOT operators, followed by system integrators, and the smallest is RF. If the pipes are removed, the ID and sensor suppliers. This is because: first, IOT operators are an emerging sub industry, and it is likely to form an oligopoly in the future; Second, the demand for system integration will be much higher than the current demand for telecommunications and interconnection; Third, RFID and sensor manufacturers are likely to form a complete competition pattern due to their low mastery of core technology

our IOT investment strategy is to invest in four distinct features of hierarchical household materials. Focusing on the current situation, they will be connected in the medium and long term. Namely: short term (year): QR code, id/sensor enterprises and SIM card manufacturers; Medium term (year): IOT system integrator; Long term (more than 5 years): IOT operating enterprise

in 2010, we suggest to pay attention to RFID and QR code manufacturers, SIM card suppliers and system integrators, mainly including new world, Dongxin Heping, Huagong technology, Changdian technology, Yuanwang Valley and Tongfang shares

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