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Tfees reusable straw provides a solution for protecting teeth

people with sensitive teeth have no fun drinking hot or cold drinks. Factors to consider when purchasing an electronic tensile testing machine Tammi fee considers not only the sensitivity of teeth, but also the tooth stains that may be left when drinking coffee and tea. Therefore, her solution appears: Reusable tfees straw. Unlike other products made of plastic or paper, tfees straw is made of Eastman's tritan copolyester, which can withstand high temperature but does not burn your hands, is very durable, and does not contain bisphenol A, B and estrogen activity

"because my teeth are sensitive and there may be tooth stains, I can't drink coffee or tea at ease, so I want to find a solution that can not only protect my smile, but also make me drink my favorite drink," said fee, the inventor of tfees straw, "The loss of enamel is irreversible, and most of the treatments to alleviate this problem are very expensive. I created tfees straws to protect your teeth more easily."

the urbanization process promotes the demand for plastic building materials

tfees straw made of tritan copolyester

the unique performance of Eastman Chemical tritan copolyester makes tfees straw have ultra-high transparency, and you can clearly see the drinks in the straw. This straw can be cleaned by dishwasher. After repeated cleaning, it can still maintain smoothness and cleanliness, and it is not easy to break, crack or absorb any taste or smell

fee is a senior dietitian and sports expert. She believes that health is very important and wants to find a plastic material that can meet her high standards

"the first conversation with Tammi was about a material that can withstand high and low temperatures at the same time," said Marty Boykin, director of Eastman Chemical durable consumer goods and tritan platform. "After further understanding the material needs of tfees, we realized that Eastman tritan copolyester can fully meet the requirements, and this material does not contain bisphenol A, with high transparency and durability, and is an ideal material for manufacturing straw."

fee commented: "the other kind of plastic is to protect the experimenter. It is convenient to install the sample. The materials set are not recommended to be heated in any form, including direct sunlight, microblogging heating, boiling, etc. tfees straws are made in the United States, and will not decompose, absorb odor, or fade in hot and acidic drinks. They are easy to clean and disinfect, and will not change the taste of drinks."

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