The hottest Thai medical cloud won the first prize

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Thai medical cloud won the first prize of excellent cases of China Insurance Association

recently, the China Insurance Industry Association announced the list of outstanding cases of informatization construction in China's insurance industry in 2016 selected by its information technology special committee. The specific information is as follows:

the information technology special committee of the China Insurance Industry Association will narrow the field of utilization in February 2016. On February 27, 2016, it issued Zhongbao xiefa [2017] No. 60 document to start the selection of excellent cases of informatization construction in the insurance industry

a total of 158 cases were received in this selection activity, and 65 cases were shortlisted in the primary election. After the final selection of the information technology expert group of the special committee, 5 first prize winners, 10 second prize winners, 20 third prize winners and 30 winners were selected

the Thai medical cloud project won the first prize

in this selection, the Thai medical cloud project of Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taikang Insurance) stood out from the 65 projects shortlisted in the preliminary selection and won the first prize. There are five first prize winners in this selection. The Thai medical cloud project, which is fully supported by Qingyun qingcloud, is the only cloud computing project

embrace the Internet and successfully transform

with the upgrading of the "Internet +" model, insurance and consumption are showing a symbiotic effect of mutual promotion. The guarantee of insurance services has become an indispensable part of people's life, including clothing, food, housing and transportation

as the first insurance company in China to realize full insurance coverage, Taikang Insurance has been committed to expanding insurance services with Internet technology, and constantly promoting its own progress with the development strategy of Internet +. After years of exploration and accumulation, it has gradually become a leading Internet insurance enterprise in the insurance industry

at present, Taikang has laid out eight business formats, including business travel, e-commerce, logistics, medical treatment, health, finance, sports and o2o, connected more than 100 scenes and launched more than 200 products

Taikang Insurance has confirmed their determination and strength to embrace interconnection and strive for cross-border with their own development

in addition, Taikang Insurance also actively promoted medical care projects, took the lead in developing the elderly care industry, and proposed an elderly care community with medical care integration. Nowadays, Taikang Insurance is no longer a simple insurance company, but has built a complete set of insurance system around many fields, such as health insurance, asset management, medical treatment and pension

after nearly 20 years of development, Taikang Insurance has successfully transformed from a small and medium-sized insurance company into a national enterprise standard, industry standard, international standard, etc; Large comprehensive insurance group

Thai medical cloud, solve the difficulty of seeing a doctor

the Thai medical cloud project is a public cloud project built by Taikang Insurance for the national medical system. This project enables informatization to be better combined with insurance products. It is a very successful cross-border attempt of Taikang Insurance

Thai medical cloud is an innovative application of Taikang Internet + medical + insurance, which aims to provide high-quality medical services for insurance customers. The regulatory authorities should actively strengthen guidance and supervision of products to provide the following services:

health topics

video appointment and video consultation

appointment registration

disease graphic consultation, image diagnosis graphic consultation, etc

expert registration

health information

more medical services will be launched continuously

as we all know, in China, the distribution of medical resources is uneven, not only in remote areas, but also in large cities. It is not a bluff that it is difficult to see a doctor

the Thai medical cloud project provides Taikang Insurance customers with a channel for registration, consultation and preliminary diagnosis without leaving home, which greatly saves customers' time and relieves the pressure of hospitals to seek medical treatment

on the cloud, the number of users of Taikang Insurance has exceeded 185MILLION. However, the operation of Taiyi cloud has been very smooth since its launch. Whether it is the peak period of registration or the peak period of weekend video consultation, Taiyi cloud has withstood the impact of a large number of users, simply and effectively solved the efficiency problems of traditional business systems, and ensured the realization of its own business strategy

in fact, the reason why Taikang Insurance can seize the opportunity in the feast of Internet insurance is related to its own cloud platform, Taikang cloud. Taiyi cloud is deployed on the Taikang cloud platform

Qingyun qingcloud, as the main technology solution provider of Taikang cloud, is an important part of Taikang cloud. Taikang cloud's mature cloud platform technology has built a responsive, dynamic, flexible and sustainable cloud computing platform, which provides the whole business of the group with the research of using graphene materials in the field of wires and cables for the operation of production systems, and carries out unified operation, maintenance and management based on the cloud platform, Support the landing of the strategic transformation goal of Taikang Insurance Internet insurance business

using the cloud platform, Taikang Insurance optimized and transformed its business processes to meet the needs of convenient, simple and efficient Internet business, so as to solve the efficiency problems of traditional business systems. At the same time, the platform also provides a development and testing environment for many core business systems of Taikang Insurance, accelerates the iteration of business products and functions, and better adapts to the development and innovation of the financial industry

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