Dr. xuchangrong, the hottest LAN Pufeng automation

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In November 2018, Zhengzhou Municipal People's government announced the third batch of Zhihui Zhengzhou 1125 talent gathering plan projects, and Dr. Xu Changrong, chairman of Zhengzhou lanpufeng Automation Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully selected as an entrepreneurial leader

in order to accelerate the construction of Zhengzhou as a national central city, build integrated circuits in inland areas, simplify the maintenance steps, gather talents and become a highly dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship center, the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and the people's Government of Zhengzhou have implemented the Zhihui Zhengzhou talent project. On the basis of reviewing and promoting the selection links such as recommendation, technical review, on-site investigation and social publicity, the executive meeting of the municipal government finally determined the teams and individuals selected into the third batch of Zhihui Zhengzhou 1125 talent gathering plan

Zhengzhou lanpufeng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by the subordinate units of China electronic information industry group and Beijing lanpufengke transmission efficiency higher technology Co., Ltd. It is a typical model of complementary advantages and resource integration between central enterprises and private enterprises

lanpufeng company has many core technologies in computer, communication, signal processing, embedded software, system monitoring software, automatic control, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other aspects, and has developed a variety of automation systems

in the process of national implementation of new and old kinetic energy conversion and industrial upgrading, lanpufeng company will give full play to its technical advantages, constantly improve the localization alternatives of automation systems, consolidate the foundation of intelligent manufacturing, help the current force made in China 2025, and contribute to the unique value of lanpufeng company in order to improve the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and the national strategic security level

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