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Thailand, India and Malaysia work together to stabilize rubber prices

according to Thailand's world on May 9, the international rubber investment company (IRCO), composed of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, held a meeting to negotiate and solve the problem of rubber price decline. At the meeting, a consensus was reached that the export price should not be lower than the FOB price. Str20 can eliminate the error caused by the improper selection of the dial. The price of the rubber sheet is $1.35 per kilogram, which is prohibited to be lower than this lower limit. Stable growers believe that the damaged parts can be found quickly and effectively through ultrasound and thermal imaging technology, so as to improve farmers' income

at the meeting, it was also decided to cut down 100000 and 60000 old rubber trees to reduce production. Among them, Thailand will reduce the planting area by 20%, Indonesia by 15% and Malaysia by 10%, which will reduce the annual output by 215000 tons. At the same time, reducing exports by 700000 tons is expected to promote the recovery of market prices

the government is also prepared to implement short-term and long-term measures to increase farmers' income, such as establishing a guaranteed price fund. The Ministry of agricultural cooperation will provide technical support to reduce farmers' and operators' costs and develop advanced production and management systems

song Chai, director of the Department of agricultural science and technology, said that at present, the export volume of rubber has decreased, with the price of 56 baht per kilogram and the cost of 38.9 baht. The current price level is still very low. It is expected that the rubber price will increase in May, but it will fall again after June, because it is the tapping season. It is acknowledged that the current order is% higher than that at the beginning of the year, but due to the low price, most manufacturers reduce exports

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