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The articles of association of gravure printing branch of China Printing Technology Association (Draft)

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 Name: gravure printing branch of China Printing Technology Association, English Name: rotogravure division of the printing technology association of China, abbreviated as rdptac

Article 2 the association is a national gravure printing and processing unit and a voluntary, professional, non-profit mass organization associated with this related industry. It is a branch of the China Printing Technology Association. The gravure printing branch currently has a flexible packaging printing professional committee, cigarette bag printing professional committee and special printing professional committee

Article 3 the purpose of the association is to strengthen industrial exchanges and cooperation, improve the overall quality of the gravure printing and processing industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member units and individuals, assist members to be in a leading position in domestic and international competition, and promote the healthy, sustainable and stable development of the industry

Article 4 the association carries out activities within the scope of the national constitution, current laws, and the articles of association of India and China

Chapter II tasks

Article 5 the main tasks of the association

1. Organize and assist units and employees in gravure printing processing and related industries to carry out technical exchanges and exhibitions of new products and technologies at home and abroad

2. Carry out industry statistics to provide consultation for the macro decision-making and industrial policy of the government and the enterprise development of member units

3. Hold annual meetings regularly to discuss and analyze the development status and major issues of the industry, and release the latest information about gravure printing and processing technology at home and abroad; Carry out technical seminars of interest to the industry from time to time

4. Carry out technical consultation and technical training for 35 R & D personnel of Jiangsu Jinfa technology, timely provide domestic and foreign technical and economic information and other relevant services to member units, and assist in solving practical problems in R & D, production and sales of member units

5. Publish conference journals and various information materials

6. Organize the formulation of product standards in the industry or the quality evaluation of new products under the leadership of relevant government departments

7. Take the lead in establishing the China gravure Education Foundation in accordance with relevant national regulations, and Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry supports the cultivation of senior talents in relevant majors and the scientific research of key projects

Chapter III Organization

Article 6 the highest authority of the association is the member congress. The Congress is held every four years. If necessary, it can be held in advance or postponed upon the proposal of the president and the approval of the Council

the council system is implemented in this association. The Council is elected by the Congress, and the Council elects a chairman and several vice chairmen

the Secretariat is the permanent office of the Council, which is responsible for the comprehensive management of the daily work of the Council

the Secretariat shall have a secretary general, who shall nominate three to five deputy secretaries general after being discussed and approved by the Council

the Council will further affect the quality and sales of products. A part-time system of president, vice president and secretary general will be implemented. Major decisions will be proposed by the president's office meeting and implemented after being reviewed and approved by the Council

the president, vice president, secretary general and deputy secretary general can be re elected. When the director needs to be replaced for some reason, the director unit shall put forward the replacement opinion and report it to the Council for discussion and approval. Some senior directors with high level and great contribution can serve as honorary directors after discussion and recommendation of the Council

Article 7 responsibilities of the member congress

1, discuss and decide on the working policies and major matters of the Association

2. Review and approve the work report and financial report of the Council

3. Formulate and amend the new articles of association of the Association

4. Elect a new Council of the Association

5. Discuss and adopt various proposals

6. During the closing period of the Congress, the Council is its executive body. The Council shall be held once a year. In case of special needs, the chairman may decide to convene it temporarily

Article 8 responsibilities of the Council

1. Implement the resolutions of the member congress

2. Be responsible for formulating and amending the articles of Association

3. Elect the president and vice president, and decide on the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General

4. Organize and hold the next member congress, submit work reports and suggestions to the congress at the same time, prepare and organize the re-election of the next Council, and recommend the candidate list of governing units to the next member congress

5. Formulate the work plan of the association and review the annual work

Chapter IV members

Article 9 all units that abide by government laws and regulations, recognize the articles of association of the association, actively support and participate in the activities of the association, and engage in gravure printing and related industries, voluntarily submit an application, and upon approval, they will be group members of the association

Article 10 all units registered by government departments that are engaged in gravure printing, processing and production, scientific research, education, and the production and sales of gravure printing machine materials can apply to become group members

Article 11 Any individual who has certain gravure printing professional knowledge and practical experience and is engaged in gravure printing can apply to become an individual member

Article 12 Anyone who is highly respected, has long been engaged in gravure printing and has made great contributions or a certain popularity can be employed as an honorary member; Celebrities in the international gravure printing industry can also be employed as honorary members, and honorary members are lifelong; Foreign people engaged in gravure printing can apply to become foreign members of the association

Article 13 an individual must apply for membership by himself, be introduced by two members or one director, be reviewed by the Secretariat, and become an individual member after approval; Group membership must be applied for by the unit, and after approval, you can become a group member

Article 14 rights of members

1. Have the right to send representatives to attend the general meeting of members

2. Have the right to vote, stand for election and vote

3. Have the right to criticize and supervise the work of the Association

4. Have the priority to obtain the services of the association

Article 15 obligations of members

1. Implement the articles of association and resolutions of the association, safeguard the interests and reputation of the association

2. Actively participate in the activities organized by the association, be enthusiastic about the work of the association, and complete the tasks entrusted by the association

3. Pay membership fees in full and on time

4. Truthfully report the situation to the association, provide relevant materials

5. Actively write academic papers and popular science articles

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