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Training teacher Dr. Zhou Yongliang: Sany Heavy Industry, worthy of respect

Training Teacher Dr. Zhou Yongliang: Sany Heavy Industry, worthy of respect

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Guide: the personal talk of a training teacher has been going on for two consecutive years. The last internal training of the Spring Festival is for Sany Heavy Industry. Last year, it was for its pile machine training in Beijing, and this year, it was for its excavator training in Suzhou. In fact, our company and Sany Heavy Industry have many cooperation in training, especially

a training teacher's personal account

for two consecutive years, the last internal training of the Spring Festival was for Sany Heavy Industry. Last year, it trained its pile driver in Beijing, and this year it trained its excavator in Suzhou

in fact, our company has many cooperation with Sany Heavy Industry in training, especially our Changsha Office, but this training still left a deep impression on me: on the way from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Suzhou Kunshan, the driver who met us introduced Sany and said that Sany people work hard. I thought he was also from Sany. As a result, he is not an employee of Sany, but a car rental company, and has a cooperative relationship with Sany Heavy Industry. Seeing his respect for Sany, I think Sany should be a charming company

after arriving at the training site, the person in charge of Sany training came to introduce Sany Heavy machinery to me and communicated with the researchers about the training, which showed me their seriousness and dedication to their work

through communication, I learned that Sany excavator had reached 10000 units in 2010. At that time, I felt a little mysterious, so I asked a question: what is the growth rate of your sales in recent years? They said: 100%, if it is below 40%, the boss can't accept it

At present, all the giants in the field of excavators are foreign, such as Komatsu, Ulsan Hyundai, etc. Sany has become the leader of domestic excavators. However, Sany is not satisfied. Their slogan is: "change the world's view of made in China and contribute a world-class excavator brand to the world."

in order to achieve this goal, Sany people, from top to bottom, have become accustomed to working hard! Some people say, is this too cruel? Sany people said to me, "we are already decades later than others, and others' technology is already better than us. If we don't play hard and rest, can we catch up with each other? Let alone surpass."

words are so real

many people hope to see the rise of Chinese enterprises, many people hope that Chinese enterprises can surpass those in developed countries, and many people hope to see Chinese enterprises build world-class brands, but they often hope that our enterprises can also be like those in developed countries. It's time to rest, it's time to go to work, everything goes step by step, and all the rules are the same as those in developed countries. Excuse me: can such a state surpass each other

therefore, I sincerely admire and respect Sany, a Chinese enterprise that has unconventional development, works hard and strives to surpass

we are not a developed country yet, our technological foundation is actually very weak, the quality of our technicians is still a long way from that of developed countries, and our development environment is not so satisfactory. If there is no unconventional development path and the spirit of playing life beyond that of developed countries, it will be a beautiful dream to truly turn the total GDP into the per capita GDP into the forefront, so as to become a real power

and quality assurance. We hope that Sany will play a positive role in promoting sustainable economic and social development. They carry the hope that made in China will truly enter the ranks of the strong

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