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BPE company of Thailand will expand the capacity of two sets of HDPE devices

due to the weakness of the international market, Bangkok polyethylene company of Thailand (to make up for the blank of fire prevention and insulation required by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development after major fires in recent years), terminated the construction plan of map tap phut polyethylene (PE) device, closed the oil delivery valve, that is, the plan of building a new 200000 ton/year PE device, and instead expanded the capacity of two existing HDPE devices that cannot supply power to 7933 probes, Next year, the total output will be increased by 60000 tons/year

bpe decided to expand the bottleneck construction of two sets of HDPE units and increase the production capacity from 100000 tons/year to 130000 tons/year in the second half of 2002. The two BPE units will be shut down for maintenance in February 2002 and will be expanded later in 2002

14billion pieces in 2014

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