Five factors of wood floor decoration and pavement

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Many owners hold the traditional idea that it is not suitable to pave wooden floors in winter. However, the words of experts are resounding: as long as the quality of the purchased floors is excellent and the paving is scientific, there will be no deformation, cracking and other problems caused by the cold climate

Rhine sunshine promotes floor paving in winter

the reporter found that not all brands can meet the requirements when secretly visiting the building materials market. Mr. Wang, who has more than ten years of experience in floor sales and paving, told reporters: "We should pay more attention to the quality of flooring in winter. However, there are not many complex flooring brands in the market that can really stand the test. Take the current international advanced three-dimensional closed moisture-proof technology for example, only Rhine sunshine and other major brands of flooring can really own it. As for the unique 1mm sports reinforcing layer of Rhine sunshine flooring, there are more brands that can improve the wear resistance and moisture-proof performance of the whole floor Very few

what is "1mm sports strengthening layer". The person in charge of Rhine sunshine told reporters: "like the 'firewall' of computer to prevent virus invasion, Rhine sunshine's unique 1mm sports reinforcing layer is located on the floor substrate, which can prevent external moisture from entering and protect the floor from moisture and deformation!."

make a "firewall" for the floor? It sounds really fresh. A couple who were choosing floors in Rhine sunshine store told reporters: "This floor not only has a 1mm sports reinforced layer, but we also learned from the media that its substrate has won the title of Chinese famous brand, and the quality is reassuring. No, recently, the baby is about to be born. I heard that Rhine sunshine is still E0 healthy floor, with low formaldehyde content, which is good for both adults and babies, so I'll take a look today. I didn't expect that several series have discounts recently, which is really lucky!"

the reporter confirmed this news from the person in charge of Rhine sunshine flooring. Rhine sunshine flooring provides surprise to consumers who pave flooring in winter. It is offering a full range of discounts for rainbow Rhyme Series, Linhai story series, bright series and carving time series, which are especially suitable for winter paving. It also has a gift worth hundreds of yuan, and is fully promoting the winter promotion of wood flooring

five checks

winter flooring

relevant experts have specially given five standards to measure the quality of flooring in winter for consumers' reference when purchasing:

take a look at the brand. Big brands often have more advanced technology, more reliable products and better after-sales service

second, look at the substrate. As the main component of the base material of laminate flooring, the density of high-density fiberboard should not be less than 0.8 grams per cubic centimeter. The impact resistance of the floor with too low density is poor, which is not conducive to the normal use of the floor

third, look at environmental protection indicators. Free formaldehyde in laminate flooring is the biggest threat to family health. Especially in winter, the doors and windows of the home are closed, and formaldehyde cannot be released, which is not conducive to the health of the family. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the environmental protection performance of the floor in winter. The national standard stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of laminate flooring should reach E1 level, that is, the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5 mg/L

look at the wear resistance. The wear-resistant grade of household laminate flooring should be AC3, that is, the initial wear-resistant value of the surface is more than 6000 revolutions

fifth, look at moisture-proof measures. Check whether the floor has a special damp proof mat. Whether the laminate floor has a thick moisture-proof layer and whether to use professional floor waterproof technology will directly affect the moisture-proof performance of the product

(editor in charge of China timber network: Xu Xiao)




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