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Ceramic tiles can be divided into glazed tiles, full body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and mosaics according to their production process and characteristics

ceramic tiles can be divided into glazed tiles, full body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and mosaics according to their manufacturing process and characteristics. Of course, ceramic tiles with different characteristics have their own best uses. Having enough knowledge of brick and porcelain can be targeted and make the best use of everything when decorating the room

[full body brick]

the surface of full body brick is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back sides are the same, so it is named. Full body bricks are more wear-resistant, but their design and color are not as good as glazed tiles

it is classified into anti-skid bricks, polished bricks and perforated whole body bricks

scope of application is widely used in halls, corridors, outdoor walkways and other floors, generally less used in walls

[glazed brick]

glazed brick is the brick whose surface has been glazed. Generally speaking, glazed tiles are richer in color and pattern than polished tiles, and play an antifouling role at the same time. However, because the surface of glazed tiles is glaze, the wear resistance is not as good as polished tiles

classification is divided into ceramic glazed tiles and ceramic glazed tiles according to raw materials. According to different gloss, it can be divided into matte and bright

scope of application: bright glazed tiles should be used in kitchens, and Matt glazed tiles should not be used. It is difficult to clean up because oil stains enter the brick surface. Glazed tiles are also suitable for toilets, balconies, etc

[polished brick]

polished brick is a brick made of whole brick after grinding and polishing. Compared with the rough surface of the whole brick, the polished brick is much smoother. This kind of brick is very hard and wear-resistant. On the basis of using the technology of infiltrating flowers, polished bricks can make various stone like and wood like effects

classification can be divided into infiltrated polished brick, micro powder polished brick, multi tube cloth polished brick, microcrystalline stone

scope of application: except toilet and kitchen, most other indoor spaces can be used




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