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[Baudelaire fingerprint lock] do you know that nearly half the door lock in China can be opened in seconds

according to the survey, more than 50% of users nationwide are still using class a locks with poor security. At present, the grading standard of door locks in China still follows the industrial standard of mechanical anti-theft locks issued and implemented by the Ministry of public security in 1994, which divides the grades of locks into two levels: A and B. The opening capacity of class a lock technology is not less than 1 minute, while class B lock requires more than 5 minutes

in China, 90% of households use door locks below grade B, and nearly half of the door locks can be cracked in one minute. The situation in the old urban areas and villages in the city is particularly serious, with class a locks accounting for more than 90%. When visiting some villages in the city, I learned from many bosses equipped with keys and locks that the door locks of villages in the city are basically class a locks. "Although the class a lock theoretically 'can be unlocked in 1 minute with anti technology', in fact, as long as there are a few tools, it can be" opened in seconds ". Today, my home was stolen. I want to change the lock. It's still a crescent lock or A-type a lock. Suggest that they buy better locks, but they will feel that they are getting their money

in contrast, families living in large, medium and high-end residential areas in Zhujiang New Town pay much more attention to the requirements of door locks. According to a visit to the nearby lock shops, the vast majority of household locks are above grade B, including password locks, fingerprint locks and other locks with high anti-theft levels

in the face of the current serious lag in lock safety, how should ordinary citizens choose locks

first trick: choose a lock above level B as far as possible

generally, the technical unlocking time within 5 minutes is acceptable for thieves. At present, most level B locks can be opened in two to three minutes. The Ministry of public security advocates that the general public should use locks above grade B, which can effectively prevent technical unlocking. [Baudelaire fingerprint lock] the lock cylinder adopts super-c blade structure, which can effectively prevent technical opening for no less than 270 minutes, and the mutual opening rate is one thousandth

second trick: buy Locks in regular stores

when purchasing locks, be sure to go to large shopping malls or stores specializing in door locks, and try not to buy Locks in hardware stores or grocery stores. Some stores that do not specialize in the lock industry often have small profits but quick turnover, so the quality of the locks purchased will be greatly reduced. In particular, when purchasing electronic locks, password locks, fingerprint locks and other high-tech locks, you must go to formal and professional stores, which can not only ensure the quality of products, but also ensure that products have good after-sales service. [Baudelaire fingerprint lock] after sales service: one year replacement, two years warranty, lifelong maintenance

the third trick: choose locks with higher security levels

if conditions permit, it is recommended to choose locks with higher security levels, such as electronic locks, password locks, fingerprint locks, etc. These locks are not only guaranteed by the lock cylinder, but also by the alarm system. [Baudelaire fingerprint lock] is equipped with the function of "anti prying alarm". If it is damaged by violence, an alarm will sound, which can prevent thieves from further actions





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