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Decoration is a university. In the process of decoration, the owners are most afraid of encountering decoration companies that cut corners. Although the price was not high when the contract was signed at first, there were often Jerry built materials and workmanship in the decoration process. On the surface, it seemed that there was little difference, but the problem was exposed over time. As a place where people live for a long time, the decoration quality of the house is directly related to the quality of life of the owners after they move in. To this end, the reporter specially asked Mr. Ma and Mr. Lin, who have been engaged in the home decoration industry for many years, to share their decoration experience with the owners and teach the owners how to find clues from the details. ◆ the base treatment is too economical, and the wall is prone to small hair disease. It is understood that the base treatment is a step that cannot be ignored before the decoration of the new house, and it is also a step that workers are most likely to cut corners. Before painting emulsion paint and paving wall and floor tiles, the owners must do a good job in the base treatment of the wall or ground. Mr. Lin, who has been engaged in the home decoration industry for many years, said that generally speaking, for new houses, the base treatment generally only needs to be polished with coarse sandpaper, and the original paint layer does not need to be eradicated, while the wall surface of ordinary old houses needs to be eradicated before the next process can be carried out. Some workers, because the head of household does not understand this knowledge, cut corners in this aspect during construction. The consequences of this are at least uneven wall surface, color difference after the latex paint is painted, and at worst the latex paint changes color, cracks or even peels off, or the ceramic tile is not firmly adhered. In this regard, Mr. Lin reminded the owners who are about to prepare to decorate their new houses. During the paving construction of wall and floor tiles, the owners must pay attention to that the tiles cannot be directly paved on the surface of lime mortar, lime paste, paper reinforced lime paste, machete lime slurry and emulsion paint, but the base course can be paved only after being cleaned. The bonding slurry used between the ceramic tile and the base shall be prepared in strict accordance with the construction standards and proportions, and the cement and bonding adhesive materials with the specified grades shall be used, which cannot be prepared at will. Mr. Lin said that when painting emulsion paint, owners also need to pay attention to whether the wall putty is evenly and smoothly applied, and whether the grinding and rolling are in place. At the same time, Mr. Lin also said that latex paint is the most common wall decoration material at present. For the interior wall decoration of a room, generally, latex paint needs to be painted more than twice before it is qualified. If workers are not serious or perfunctory during construction, color differences often occur, especially in darker latex paint. Therefore, the paint of the same color should be painted at one time. If the wall needs to be repaired after construction, the whole wall should be painted again. ◆ uneven ground leveling has led to problems in the laying of wood floors. According to reports, in addition to the base treatment, the most easy place to cut corners is the ground leveling step. In some projects suspected of cutting corners, it is often found that the edge seam of the wooden floor at home is warped, especially near the corner of the wall. Mr. Lin said that an important reason for the cocking of the wooden floor was the problem of ground leveling before laying. Because the ground of some houses is not flat enough, it needs to be re leveled before laying the floor. If the workers are not careful or deliberately rough, it will cause ‘ The more you find, the more uneven ’ The problem has hidden a hidden danger for the future floor to tilt up. In this regard, Mr. Lin reminded the owner that before the ground leveling, the base treatment of the ground must be done first, and the ground leveling must be carried out with cement mortar. After the cement dries out, use a special level to determine the flatness of the whole ground, and then proceed to the next step of construction. ◆ during the decoration, some construction teams may directly pour concrete fragments containing cement and sand into the sewer in order to save trouble, which will cause the sewer in the owner's home to be blocked. Friends who have had construction experience often encounter such situations. After the construction at home is completed, it seems that there is no problem on the surface and fully meets their own requirements. However, once the acceptance is completed, they find that the water in the kitchen and bathroom is not smooth. Mr. Lin said that in fact, in order to save trouble, the construction team may directly pour concrete fragments containing a lot of cement and sand into the sewer in the project, which will cause the problem of blocked sewer pipes in the future. In this regard, Mr. Lin's suggestion is that when owners want to carry out engineering inspection, they must strictly supervise and remind the construction team in advance that they cannot use sewers as garbage lanes. After the completion of waterway construction, fill all water basins, basins and bathtubs with water to see whether the drainage is smooth and whether there is leakage in the pipeline. After all these steps are completed, it can be considered as passing the acceptance. ◆ joint decoration is most likely to be perfunctory. In addition to several common situations introduced by Mr. Lin, Mr. Ma, who has also been engaged in the home decoration industry for many years, also has some views of his own. If the workers really want to cut corners, it's too simple. People who are not professional can't see it at all. Mr. Ma said that taking the simplest joint decoration as an example, it is not easy for workers to be noticed if they slightly tamper with the butt joint of some walls and doors and windows, as well as the butt joint of two different colors of paint, so these places are where workers often perfunctory. Mr. Ma said. In this case, Mr. Ma said that the treatment of joints is very important, and citizens must supervise workers to carry out construction seriously. If there are two colors of paint connected on the wall, the adhesive tape must be pasted on the edge of the first color during the construction, and then the paint of another color must be painted on it, so as long as the adhesive tape is torn off after the construction, the whole joint can be very neat. Mr. Ma said that in general, the key for citizens preparing to decorate is to choose an honest and reliable home decoration company to avoid these Jerry built things from the source to the greatest extent




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