The hottest glass suspension bridge was questioned

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The glass suspension bridge has been questioned by foreigners, who come all the way to smash the bridge. The outcome is very helpless.

China is a country with vast territory and abundant resources. There are many beautiful and charming landscapes that people yearn for. Nowadays, many people choose to travel once a year to relieve pressure and delight themselves. Many people who do not copy elements travel not only to relax their body and mind, but also to find some stimulation. China also has many adventure attractions, such as the glass bridge

glass bridge is one of the most popular scenic spots in recent years. Many Chinese or foreigners come here. For this reason, the safety of China's glass bridge has been questioned by foreigners. He decided to come to China's bridge in person to see what would happen next

after foreigners arrived at the glass bridge in China, in order to reflect the safety of the glass, foreigners smashed hammers on the glass, and the people on the scene were paralyzed. Facts have proved that there was a burst of cracks in the glass after the impact, which made foreigners feel that the aircraft was suitable for quality supervision, teaching and scientific research, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile, rubber and plastic, woven materials and other experimental fields, thinking that it would damage the glass

but when the second hammer knocked down, although there was still a crack, the glass was not broken. Some foreigners couldn't believe it. They made great efforts and defeated him many times. I didn't think the cup would be so hard that it wouldn't move

this did not help, but it made foreigners feel a little discouraged. After seeing him, the people present felt a little embarrassed. However, it also proves that the glass made in China is very strong. For tourists, China's glass bridge is also very safe. Foreigners have to lament the power of China

as we all know, China receives a large number of tourists every year, whether it is a large scenic spot or a small scenic spot. Since developers dare to build glass suspension bridges, they will certainly make more efforts in safety to ensure the safety of tourists. However, the glass used as glass suspension bridges with low resin viscosity must be very strong. A mere hammer can't destroy it at all, but we also need to understand that brand is not equal to quality. So think about it, Foreign friends are a bit naive

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