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Glass is an ancient building material. With the rapid improvement of modern science and technology and the rapid change of application technology, various kinds of glass with unique functions have come out one after another. In order to meet various needs in production and life, the glass industry is also developing rapidly. The major demand for the glass industry includes the construction industry, automobile industry, household electronic products at the end of February and the beginning of March, etc. As a country with a large population, China's housing demand is also a huge data. The huge population is accompanied by food, drink, housing and transportation, which is also an opportunity for the glass industry. Coupled with the improvement of the quality of life, many families already have cars as a means of transportation. The artistic glass products are favored by the vast number of consumers because of their showiness, and have become a new highlight of modern decorative materials. It is widely used for decoration of doors, windows, storefronts, hotels, dance halls, screens, partitions, walls, ceilings, furniture, etc

with the popularization of mobile Internet, the glass industry is facing industrial upgrading. Only by fully integrating with mobile Internet can traditional glass enterprises achieve real upgrading. To achieve the goal of "innovative development, coordinated development, green development, open development and shared development" of the glass industry, the key is to innovate thinking, explore ideas, adjust the industrial structure, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and accelerate the supply side structural reform of the glass industry

concept innovation is not only to deal with the current difficulties, but also to be a revolution in the concept of the glass industry. Seriously reflect on the past development model, completely change the concept of development, carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, and achieve technological progress, structural optimization and business model innovation

in recent years, we have faced a new situation of excess capacity in traditional industrial technology, slow development of emerging industries, and sharp increase in pressure on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. In the past, with the advantages of resources and labor costs, as long as we imitate others, we can develop with the market. But now the development mode of relying on market capacity alone has been unsustainable. We must strengthen innovation, and the implementation of the strategy needs to be based on the basic point of "relying on innovation to drive, speed up industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading". In the new year, we must give top priority to innovation drive, focus on "eliminating backwardness and resolving excess capacity", "promoting industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading", "accelerating the implementation of innovative R & D of the second generation float glass technology and equipment" "Effectively expand overseas market trends, etc.

as a one-stop supply platform for the glass production and marketing industry, the glass production and marketing industry app has settled in nearly 100 enterprises, such as architectural glass, original glass, furniture glass, bathroom glass, glass crafts, etc., to build an Internet platform for resource sharing for enterprises in the glass industry, provide one-stop services for enterprises, optimize intermediate transaction links, and help enterprises realize the integration of information flow, logistics, capital flow and business flow Four streams in one. Users can purchase building glass, original glass, furniture glass, bathroom glass, glass handicrafts and other products in the glass production and marketing industry app, and can also enter the glass production and marketing industry app. Enterprises that enter the platform can add their own products; At the same time, the platform can also browse all kinds of glass production and marketing industry trends, and realize various functions such as customer shopping, order inquiry, commodity search, industry information, product synthesis in aqueous phase system for the first time, evaluation of polyazo phenol mesoporous materials, registration of enterprise members, advertising space, investment promotion and store opening, etc

with convenient browsing, powerful application functions, and the latest information, the station has launched a rich picture of the glass production and marketing industry for our customers, updating it for you all the time, so that you can love A. high precision American force sensor: 10 ⑵ 000kg. Welcome to download and use the glass production and marketing industry platform. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward, and we will serve you wholeheartedly

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