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Glass weekly report: Shahe transportation will recover glass within the week.

market summary of last week:

Market Review: last week (04.08), fg1705 closed at 1301 yuan, up -6 yuan or -0. 46%, with a turnover of 650512, an increase of -902504 or -58. 11%, position 172024, position increase -17420 or -9. 20%。

glass (1233, -28.00, -2.22%) composite index: last week (04.08), China glass composite index was 1061. 33. In fact, the circumferential composite carbon metal is not a high-tech product than the change of 3. 24 ; China's glass price index is 1069. 59, change of cycle to cycle ratio 4. 11 ; The confidence index of China's glass market is 1028. 28. The change of cycle to cycle ratio was -0. 25 。

spot price: last week (04.08), the average price of 5mm float glass in major cities in China was 1443. 81 yuan/ton, up 4% weekly. 20 yuan or 0. 29%; The price of Shahe safety in the key plant warehouse is 1272. 00 yuan/ton, up 0 per week. 00 or 0. 00%; Shahe Daguang offers 1246. 00 yuan/ton, up 0 per week. 00 yuan/ton or 0. 00%; Qinhuangdao Yaohua offers 1344. 00 yuan/ton, up 0 per week. 00 yuan/ton or 0. 00%; Shandong Jinjing offers 1454. 00 yuan/ton, up 0 per week. 00 yuan/ton or 0. 00%; Wuhan Changli quoted 1494. 00 yuan/ton, up 0 per week. 00 yuan/ton or 0. 00%。

raw material price: last week (04.08), the average market price of heavy soda ash (middle end) in all regions of the country was 1819. 64 yuan/ton, up 8 per week. 93 yuan; Ex factory price of heavy oil: 2500 for Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. 00 yuan/ton, up 0. 00 yuan, Xinjiang Kuitun up to 1900 yuan, should pay attention to the use of electronic universal testing machine standard 0. 00 yuan, Fujian United Petrochemical was 3600 yuan/ton, up 0. 00 yuan; The market price of fuel oil in East China (3808, 0.00, 0.00%) (250 . 00 yuan; The ex factory price of Dongming Petrochemical medium sulfur petroleum coke was 1300 yuan/ton, up -32. 00 yuan

production lines and inventory: last week (04.08), there were 358 float glass production lines in China, with a week on week change of 0. 00; Total capacity 12. 8.2 billion weight boxes, with a change of 0. Billion weight boxes; The number of production lines started is 234, and the cycle to cycle ratio changes by 0. 00; The operating rate of the production line is 65. 36%, and the change of cycle to cycle ratio is 0. 00 %; Line inventory 3423. Million weight boxes, and the circumferential ring ratio changes by 71. Million heavy containers; Industry inventory 3401. Million heavy containers, and the change of cycle to cycle ratio is -22. Million heavy containers

news: 1. UBS believes that there is a large space for infrastructure investment in xiong'an new area. Within 20 years, the scale of social fixed asset investment will reach 4trillion yuan, which will bring significant incremental demand to cement, steel, railway, transportation and other industries

2. The city plans to supply 6000 hectares of residential land in the next five years, including 5000 hectares of construction land and 1000 hectares of collective construction land in China, so as to meet the construction demand of 1.5 million housing units. In 2017, the city plans to supply 1200 hectares of residential land to meet the construction needs of 300000 housing units. Including 250000 sets of property right housing and 50000 sets of rental housing

3. The military action taken by the US government on Thursday made the market nervous. According to media reports, as a "response" to the massive casualties caused by chemical weapons in Syria a few days ago, US President trump issued his first military action order after taking office - to launch 59 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles at the Syrian government army shayrat air base

4. New York Federal Reserve Chairman Dudley: it is expected that the concrete antifreeze will be reduced at the end of 2015 or at the beginning of 2018

reasons for recommendation and operational strategies: the trend of the glass spot market last week was acceptable. Except for North China, most of the quotations of other major producing areas increased, and the industrial inventory rose after four weeks of continuous decline. Mainly affected by the delay of the restriction of Shahe highway, the local inventory increased by 1.2 million heavy containers a week, which was under great pressure. Regional coordination meetings were held in South China and other places, which boosted the price. On the whole, the current industrial inventory is still significantly lower than that of the same period in 2015 and 2016, With the comprehensive resumption of production of deep-processing enterprises and the commencement of real estate, the demand for glass has gradually improved, the resumption of cold repair and production has been relatively aggressive, the recent supply change has been small, and the price of soda ash has stopped falling, which not only eased the financial pressure on the production enterprises, but also reduced the weakening effect on the price at the cost side. After the recovery of Shahe transportation this week, the manufacturers will speed up the delivery of goods, and it is expected that the price will remain stable within the week. In terms of futures, according to the weekly K-line, the 05 contract has gradually stabilized its 10 day moving average, which is expected to maintain a strong shock. Investors can maintain more ideas, and 5 and 9 sets can continue to hold

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