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Glass tile background wall printer has been widely used

2016 is a new start, a new year. Looking back this year, the glass tile background wall printer has been widely used in all walks of life, which is the background wall industry

profit analysis: for example, for a square meter of jade TV background wall, the profit can reach 200-800 yuan, and 10 square meters is a huge profit of 2000-8000 yuan. As long as the city with an average population of 200000 has 1004, the deformation accuracy: ± 0.5% fs0 households are willing to adopt this kind of background wall, and each household has 10 square meters. The lowest one is: 2000 yuan *1000 households = (2million), which is such a huge profit space, This has triggered the transformation of more and more individual entrepreneurs and ceramic tile building materials wholesale stores. In recent years, they have set up their own factories for processing. Dali value 1 based on the wheel and spoke sensor

the selling price of the background wall is also different. The general selling price ranges from 300 yuan to 350 yuan per square meter; The selling price of medium-sized background wall ranges from 400 yuan to 600 yuan per square meter. The background wall with complex technology often costs yuan per square meter. Of course, the market is different in each place, and the selling price is slightly different

glass tile background wall printer. In addition to the background wall, there are also advertising, home decoration, handicrafts and other industries that can be done. This UV flat-panel printer is also used in leather and other industries, covering all parts of the country

the glass ceramic tile background wall printer uses special software to directly output by computer. It can be operated by one person, that is, it can be hit and dried, and one product can be made. More and more enterprises use this kind of machine. In the past, the silk screen transfer industry was threatened by UV flat-panel printers and will be completely replaced in the next years

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