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Glass printing is becoming a pivotal industry

glass printing is becoming a pivotal industry, or glass printing has become a pivotal industry. First of all, people's lives are increasingly inseparable from glass products, ranging from Aerospace Science and technology, transportation, to architecture, home furnishing and craft gifts. Glass is increasingly indispensable in these aspects. Secondly, with the application of silk printing technology in glass, it can be well and correctly used to combine the practicality and artistry of glass, play a decorative role, create a colorful decorative effect for people's indoor environment, and reduce the production of rough steel, which is widely pursued in the decoration markets all over the country

at the glass industry technology exhibition held in recent years, printing equipment and consumables have become the highlights of the exhibition, in which large-scale screen printing machines and printing inks occupy a decisive position. Beijing Yingmai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai shuoxing silk screen printing equipment Co., Ltd., Qingdao jikaien industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde koni Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Baoding Rongda electronics and other strange materials and Equipment Co., Ltd. all left a deep impression on people. At the advanced technology forum of glass printing held in Zhengzhou in April, 2008, Tianling fine chemicals, Ningbo Vicos Co., Ltd., Henderson ink and other large domestic consumable enterprises all attended the forum and gave a wonderful speech on how to better carry out glass printing. There are also Chinese silk screen printing 3) choose the next step at the installation readiness window; Professor liuyusheng, an old expert in the industry, was also invited to give incisive and in-depth speeches to glass printing enterprises. Glass enterprises attending the meeting generally said that they had benefited a lot

keeping up with the development trend of the industry, following the latest silk screen printing technology and reporting the hot stories of the industry have always been the mission of the silk screen special printing industry volume of China industry information (hereinafter referred to as Daquan). By 2008, Daquan was four years old. The compilation of 2008 Daquan was also fully launched in June, and will be launched at the exquisite special booth of the four booths at the Pazhou printing exhibition in Guangzhou in November. The unavoidable part of Daquan is the content of glass seal. We started with the principles of glass printing, equipment consumables, process technology, common fault analysis and troubleshooting, and after careful compilation and point correction by industry experts, we finally summarized them into a paper, hoping to provide some help to those who are engaged in the glass printing industry or are interested in it

it has to be said that glass printing has become a pivotal industry in China's printing technology

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