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The glass vertical lithography machine is equipped with "Fulinmen" and then opens the oil return valve to plug in the wings for the tiger. During the 20th Shanghai International Glass Exhibition in 2009, when each exhibitor passes the "Fulinmen" software booth 606 in hall E4, his eyes will be bright. Several machines and equipment of different models are displayed in the booth and accurate data are obtained. The surrounding audiences are paying attention to the operation demonstration of the equipment. This is another move after our company launched the upgraded version of the 2009 "Fulinmen" library software: the 2009 "Fulinmen" glass engraving version developed by our company was successfully equipped on the vertical platform engraving machine

in view of the problems of paper deviation, displacement and random engraving and scribbling caused by the current traditional engraving machine when engraving complex patterns, as well as the scrapping of the processed film due to improper operation during the transfer, the all steel structure and stable installation vertical platform engraving machine has been officially introduced into the market after many times of design, improvement and trial. The new vertical platform engraving machine has won great attention of glass deep processing users with its unique tool dropping mode, high-speed and high-precision motion system

low carbon is the strategic adjustment of energy. The traditional method is to use the engraving machine to carve the pattern on the sandblasting film, then paste it on the glass, and then carry out sandblasting. After using this machine, the sandblasting film can be directly pasted on the glass, and then the glass to be processed with the pasted film can be placed on the flat plate for engraving. The probability of engraving stamps on graphene powder products in the field of energy storage is first broken through, which greatly saves manpower and time. At the same time, it also completely avoids the problems caused by the paper deviation, displacement and improper operation of the processed film when the engraving machine is engraving complex patterns

the vertical lithography machine is equipped with Wentai engraving 2009 Fulinmen glass engraving plate, which can fully meet all the needs of users for directly engraving protective film on glass and rapid drawing. The technical upgrading of this equipment will surely bring a new industrial technological revolution to the decorative art glass industry

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