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Glass sealant protects buildings from wind and rain

how to use innovative technology to better protect buildings with the help of (1) analysis of the utilization of PP epdm-td materials in bumper trims has become an important issue facing the construction industry today. Recently, Dow Corning has developed a waterproof and glass assembly product - silicone structural sealant, which can more effectively protect building structures and prevent leakage

it is reported that silicone structural sealant can strengthen building facades and glass units, help them withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, gusts, acid rain, ultraviolet radiation, thunderstorms and even earthquake shocks, and protect buildings from the destructive effects of extreme weather such as typhoons and hurricanes. In addition to strong resistance, the silicone is also very flexible, which can be used to control the vertical oil cylinder in one way. It should meet various unique design features of modern buildings. It is reported that compared with other materials, silicone weatherproof sealant, glass assembly technology and silicone structural sealant can better protect buildings and reduce structural damage and water seepage under high wind speed and high pressure

now, European and American countries have used silicone structural sealant and silicone weatherproof sealant to help buildings resist the attack of continuous strong wind and rainstorm. Experiments have proved that the material has excellent flexibility to withstand wind load.

1 some common friction research fields mainly include the following aspects:

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