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Improve customer relationship management: the way to win the liberation of FAW in 2005

"Tao can be Tao, very Tao", which is the first sentence of Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching. Everything has its way. Under the fierce competition in China's truck market in 2005, what is the winning way of FAW liberation? This is to continuously improve product quality, strengthen and improve customer relations, and create a "moving service" brand

high quality products have cast Jiefang brand

as an outstanding representative of independent brands in China's automotive industry, Jiefang Truck has not only built the foundation of China's automotive industry, but also continued to maintain its advanced military aviation spraying technology between its oil cylinder and piston in the industry under the baptism of severe competition in the market economy. It is mainly made of cylinders, mainly cylinders, shelves, sealing covers, gearboxes It is composed of Electromechanical, hopper, counter and other components

in 2004, with the overall growth rate of the domestic automobile market slowing down, FAW Group sold 196000 Jiefang medium and heavy trucks, and Jiefang's market share in China's medium and heavy trucks reached 35.61%, continuing to maintain the first position in the country and achieving the "seventh consecutive crown" in the national industry sales. Compared with international competitors, Jiefang Truck sales exceeded that of Mercedes Benz in Germany, Renault in France and Volvo in Sweden, once again achieving the world's first single truck brand sales. In addition, compared with 2003, the brand value of Jiefang increased by 443 million yuan to 11.205 billion yuan, and the brand value ranked first in the domestic truck manufacturing industry for five consecutive years

the improvement of Jiefang's brand value is inseparable from FAW Jiefang's continuous product development and strengthening of its quality assurance system. In 2003, FAW Jiefang completed 185 product design projects and 166 production reserves; In 2004, 106 adaptive improvements were made to new products, effectively forming the technical reserve of follow-up products; In 2005, the full range of product lines of Jiefang medium, quasi and heavy-duty will be further expanded, and all models of Aowei dump truck, cargo truck, multi axle truck, j5m and j5k will be put on the market successively. These products are tailored to meet the requirements of the new regulations

the overall principle of Jiefang Truck product support in 2005 is that the new products embody multi axle, high-speed and lightweight; The parts are universal and modular. In terms of FAW Jiefang heavy-duty vehicle products, j5P model expands the existing product series, and the emission can meet the Euro III standard; FP raises the cab heavy truck to supplement the low-end platform of heavy vehicles; The development of new generation heavy trucks is progressing smoothly. In terms of quasi heavy products, humvee-j5m series was launched successively during the year to enhance the competitiveness of quasi heavy products. In terms of medium-sized vehicles, expand the competitive advantage of long head economical vehicles and improve the competitiveness of medium-sized vehicle wide series products

in order to ensure that FAW Jiefang's products are always of high quality, FAW Jiefang emphasizes strengthening the "first leader" quality system and solving quality problems locally. Enterprises strengthen production preparation and resource procurement simultaneously to ensure the quality of supporting parts and raw materials supply. In order to strengthen the load-carrying capacity and technical content of Jiefang's independent brand in an all-round way, FAW Jiefang invested more than 7 billion yuan to implement the large-scale construction of two networks of procurement and sales, three processes of welding, coating and general assembly, and three assemblies of engine, chassis and gearbox, relying on a technology development center, so as to realize the upgrading of Jiefang's independent truck. The company invested 1.45 billion yuan to build a new modern truck base with an annual production capacity of 100000 vehicles, including cab welding, painting, interior decoration, vehicle assembly line and frame production line, which has been put into use successively

at present, FAW Jiefang's replacement products are accelerating the development speed. The independent brand, which is marked by the launch of FM, FP Italian saloon interiors and the Jiefang Aowei heavy series that meet the environmental protection standards of Euro II and Euro III, will achieve a comprehensive upgrade and gradually complete the R & D and production preparation of 38 new models of J5 series and adaptive products. The large-scale gearbox produced by Jiefang in cooperation with Eaton of the United States, the high-power and large displacement engine introduced in cooperation with Volvo, and the heavy-duty axle produced by Nissan Diesel technology will once again improve the quality of Jiefang heavy-duty vehicles after mass production

the development and transformation project of the three core technologies that mark the comprehensive improvement of the gold content of Jiefang brand is now in full swing. In terms of engines, the CA6DL engine jointly developed by FAW Jiefang and the world's top Austrian AVL company has achieved mass production; The engine project in cooperation with DEUTZ will form an annual production capacity of 50000 units by the end of the year; Sign the Nissan bridge project of technology introduction with Nissan company, and realize the mixed flow production of 457 punching and welding bridge, wheel side reduction bridge and Nissan Diesel bridge after transformation; Completed the joint venture with Eaton and the introduction of a series of transmission products

comprehensively improve the system competitiveness of Jiefang marketing network

FAW Trading Corporation clearly put forward that the construction focus of Jiefang marketing system in 2005 is to improve the ability of customer relationship system and create a lean marketing team at the "Jiefang 2005 Marketing Annual Meeting"

FAW Jiefang proposed to establish a customer relationship system in the 21st century in 2001; In 2002, it proposed to strengthen the customer relationship system and create the best marketing service network in China; In 2003, it proposed to deepen the customer relationship system and create a world-class brand; In 2004, it was proposed to adhere to the concept of "users first" and improve the ability of the marketing system. As the truck competition field will shift from single product competition to systematic competition in 2005, FAW Jiefang company proposed that only by comprehensively improving the system competitiveness of Jiefang marketing network can we ensure the sustainable development of Jiefang marketing network. Therefore, in 2005, FAW Jiefang will implement the "1122" strategy in the series of poly (aryl ether ketone), that is, adhere to the business philosophy of "user first"; Adhere to "plan first" in operation and management; Implement the two standardized processes of sales management and after-sales service, and realize the two improvements of customer relationship management and marketing management; With "plan first" as the main management line and customer relationship management as the support, we should strengthen the operation control ability and means of the system, comprehensively promote the operation efficiency of Jiefang marketing system, and gradually make Jiefang marketing team lean

for this reason, FAW Jiefang will greatly improve the marketing and service capabilities of dealers. First, in 2005, FAW Jiefang will further strengthen the training of dealers; Secondly, uniformly organize dealers to carry out quality assurance system certification. At present, Jiefang dealers have built 130 "four in one" dealers; From 2005, Jiefang company will invite special institutions to review and certify the quality assurance system of dealers, so as to realize the integration with the international management level

strengthen brand influence with "moving service"

the reason why Jiefang brand can shine in the harsh market competition is inseparable from Jiefang's protection of consumers' interests and real service for users. FAW Jiefang has continuously built the brand of "moving service" over the past few years, which not only expanded the market share of Jiefang Truck, but also increased the value and sublimation of Jiefang brand

FAW Jiefang began to build the brand of "moving service" in 2002, and put forward three service levels of "exceeding user satisfaction, pursuing user joy, and reaching user touch". In July, 2004, Jiefang launched a nationwide "moving service, moving China" activity with the theme of "caring for a car, sending a feeling, and moving a person", and launched "one-way escort, three hundred percent, five 24-hour, ten free truck security checks" and other activities to benefit customers. During the event, FAW Jiefang provided users with 43402 sets of ten free security checks; 4968 escort services; 10087 visits to large users; 10439 sets of on-site maintenance; 5081 rescue trips. It is with these real services that Jiefang users feel the care from FAW Jiefang and spread the core value concept of "user first" of Jiefang brand

service is the guarantee of marketing and the main battlefield of deepening customer relations. In today's product homogenization, Jiefang will grasp the market leading direction by improving its own service level. In 2005, the service work of Jiefang will focus on improving the service level and building a "moving service" brand with high standards, Through special services, Barto Duplessis, vice president of PolyOne Asia, said, "in the face of increasingly stringent regulations and standards, expand the impact of service brands, drive the improvement of the overall service level of Jiefang, and form a service culture with liberation characteristics. At the same time, comprehensively promote the standardized management of Jiefang Truck service stations. FAW Jiefang will conduct a" star rating "on the national Jiefang Truck service stations.", Through the assessment, identification and evaluation of the comprehensive strength of the service station, the management level of the service station can be improved

in order to ensure good service after vehicle sales, Jiefang has increased the supply of service spare parts, and opened four "green channels" for spare parts across the country. In 2005, FAW Jiefang will continue to deepen and broaden the unimpeded work of "green channel" of spare parts, and effectively give play to the network sales function of "green channel". At the same time, use incentive policies to encourage service stations to increase the proportion of original parts for social maintenance and social sales, and improve the regional spare parts supply guarantee ability and the timeliness of spare parts. In addition, the company will strengthen the guarantee of spare parts for new products, improve the electronic catalogue of spare parts, and ensure the accuracy of spare parts supply

in 2005, FAW Jiefang will continue to be the leader of Chinese trucks by continuously launching new products, vigorously improving product quality, strengthening and improving customer relations, and building a "moving service" brand. (end)

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