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Methods to identify inferior plastic products

among the 39 kinds of plastic products for food that have implemented market access at present, the passing rate of quality spot check is not very high, mainly including fast food boxes, plastic bags and other products. Dongjinshi, vice president of the recycling Professional Committee of the China Plastics Association, believes that as the current situation must become the trend of the supply side reform of Chinese manufacturing, there is no QS mark on many plastic products for food, and it is inevitable that there are good and bad products in the market

in order to make people try to avoid using unqualified products, experts give some tips for identifying inferior products:

fast food box: Generally speaking, qualified 5. The smoothness and brightness of the product after receiving the user. If you have other questions, it is better to pinch it with a certain strength, which can't be torn by hand, and it doesn't smell like anything. The inferior lunch box feels soft and inelastic. It will crack with a gentle tear, and it smells pungent

in addition to the above identification methods, the advantages and disadvantages of fast food boxes can also be verified by submerged experiments: inferior products are generally added with cheap minerals such as calcium carbonate and talc powder, which have a greater proportion than water. Smash the fast food box and put it into water for mixing. What sinks is unqualified, while the qualified fast food box has a small proportion and will float on the water

plastic bags: generally inferior plastic bags have two main characteristics. Common faults 8: the indication error of impact testing machine. First, there are many impurities. Looking at the light, there are many black spots or impurity spots inside, which are generally produced from waste plastics; Second, smell. Inferior plastic bags smell very pungent

in addition, consumers can also dip some edible oil with cotton balls at home and wipe it on colored plastic bags. Inferior plastic bags are easy to decolorize

fresh keeping film: the fresh keeping film made of PE material can be used safely, while the fresh keeping film made of PVC material should not contact with grease or heat, and should be used with caution. The two kinds of fresh-keeping films can be identified by burning: in the process of burning, if the oil dripping and smoke are relatively small, PE fresh-keeping film is used, and if the smoke is relatively large and does not drip oil, PVC fresh-keeping film is used

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