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Realize comprehensive replacement! XCMG lw1200kn Mongolia shows its edge

realize comprehensive replacement! XCMG lw1200kn Mongolia shows its edge

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the Gobi desert in Mongolia is swept by wind and sand, boundless, but it contains endless coal deposits. Two steel giants shine the dazzling glory of "XCMG gold" on this wasteland. It is China's largest tonnage loader XCMG lw1200kn loader that is busy in the construction of a large open-pit coal mine in Mongolia

Mongolia, a country with animal husbandry and mining as its main economy. The geological structure is complex, the seasonal temperature changes greatly, and the annual temperature difference reaches about 90 degrees. The grassland, Gobi and desert are boundless. Under the sandstorm, there are the most important economic source of Mongolia - coal deposits. Mongolia's coal reserves are about 25.8 billion tons, ranking among the top ten in the world

Many coal mines in Mongolia are open-pit mines, and large tonnage loaders are indispensable construction machinery. However, for a long time, the large tonnage loader market in Mongolia has been monopolized by European and American brands. Subject to the inherent configuration and service policies of European and American brands, Mongolian users are plagued by product performance, service efficiency and other aspects

the working conditions are harsh, and XCMG is unstoppable; As a close neighbor of Mongolia, China's working conditions and construction methods are closer to Mongolia; Among many state-owned brands, XCMG is also more effective in supporting users' feedback needs and services. With the support of strong products, technical strength and service capabilities, XCMG has opened the door to the large loader market in Mongolia

vigorous force

the first XCMG lw1200kn loader in this mining area was stationed in October 2017 to serve as pulverized coal transfer and screening. In April, 2018, the mining area welcomed the second lw1200kn. Professor Martin Dunn, another person in charge of the project (now the dean of the school of engineering and utilization Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver), said: "in general, lw1200kn, in addition to sharing daily operations, also serves as the work of pulverized coal shaping and stacking. The two lw1200kn work together to complement each other. Every day, this busy figure of the" Chinese brothers "has long been known to the local people

the driver finished the equipment inspection in the morning, and is about to start the day's work.

now, the third XCMG lw1200kn has arrived at the construction site in the form of spare parts because of its huge machine. It is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also has been successfully assembled by professional technicians of XCMG in 3 days. The lw1200kn is customized according to the requirements of special working conditions. It adopts a super large bucket with a bucket capacity of 12 cubic meters. Each bucket can transport about 13 tons of pulverized coal, and its working efficiency is higher

visit customers in Mongolia

after 10 hours of commissioning, the third lw1200kn officially joined the production queue. Super large bucket capacity, super high work efficiency and strong overload capacity make it unique in the mining area. Three XCMG lw1200kn loaders will also become the backbone of production and transportation in the mining area. In a few days, the fourth XCMG lw1200kn will also arrive. With his arrival, it also means that the Chinese loader brand in the mining area will comprehensively replace the European and American loader brand

this is only the beginning. Since then, Mongolian customers who are quite recognized for XCMG's large loaders have chosen XCMG to continuously deepen their cooperation with XCMG - so far, the monopoly of European, American and Japanese brands on the large loader market in Mongolia has been shaken, and XCMG has become the most vigorous force among them

In the future, with the continuous development of economic exchanges between China and Mongolia, XCMG products will further enhance their local influence and market position, and more "XCMG gold" will shine on this vast land

taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road"

"the Belt and Road", a vast region and the world's most spatial and dynamic zone

Mongolia is only an epitome of XCMG's globalization strategy. Taking advantage of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy and seizing the opportunity of the recovery of the construction machinery market, XCMG actively engaged in the construction of countries along the line

XCMG loader Vietnam promotion meeting

Kazakhstan station of the world's best forklift "shovel hero" competition

the "the Belt and Road" XCMG loader global service miles

more and more regions and key projects, XCMG has become a standard configuration, a confirmation of the quality and efficiency of the project. With the continuous improvement of technology, the comprehensive coverage of sales network and product promotion, the quality of "leading technology, indestructible use", the strategy of "three high and one large" as the support, and the high-quality service of "gold medal service, full process", XCMG loading machinery is continuously sent to the world, and the brand recognition continues to rise

up to now, XCMG has basically achieved comprehensive coverage in the "the Belt and Road" area; Especially in the key market, XCMG loading machinery has a market share of 2 The screws on the Rotating Zigzag rod are climbing. Among the local registered permanent residence, XCMG has become the most recognized Chinese brand and a "sharp weapon" that can compete with international brands

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