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Improving quality and Efficiency Boost China's "smart" manufacturing industry is the most concentrated area of various resource elements, so it is also the main battlefield of supply side structural reform. At the 2016 national manufacturing researchers' Forum held by the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee on September 9, which concluded that the fiber-reinforced hydrogel material is 100 times stronger than ordinary hydrogel, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said that promoting the supply side structural reform is the only way to solve the prominent contradictions and problems in the manufacturing industry and speed up the construction of a manufacturing power. On the one hand, efforts should be made to resolve excess capacity and dispose of zombie enterprises to reduce ineffective and low-end supply; On the other hand, we should make up for the shortcomings of innovation ability, quality brand and industrial foundation, and expand effective, medium and high-end supply

it is particularly important for the manufacturing industry to make up for weaknesses. Lu Wei, director of the technical and Economic Research Department of the development research center of the State Council, believes that innovation is still the first driving force to promote the upgrading of manufacturing in China, and its core is to improve factor productivity and increase competitiveness

institutional advantages improve innovation ability

scientific and technological innovation is the fundamental driving force to promote made in China 2025. Zhou Ji, President and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that compared with the serial development of the manufacturing industry in western developed countries from 2.0 to 3.0 and then to 4.0, China's manufacturing industry can only rely on scientific and technological innovation to realize the parallel development of 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0

Lu Wei divides innovation into three categories. The first is efficiency driven innovation, which aims to improve factor productivity, such as machine replacement; The second is consumer oriented innovation, which should meet the diversified needs of the market and provide effective supply; The third is to break through the innovation of core key technologies, such as strengthening the technological transformation of traditional industries, which is also an important weakness of the manufacturing industry

in terms of major technological innovation, Zhou Ji believes that enterprises are the main body of innovation driven industrial upgrading, and the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, managers and engineers must be fundamentally mobilized. At the same time, we should give full play to the advantages of China's system, allow the in-depth integration of production, learning, research, finance and politics, mobilize thousands of troops, concentrate elite troops and strong generals, and comprehensively promote organized innovation

in the first half of this year, China's high-speed rail overseas signed new orders of 14.88 billion yuan, an increase of 126% year-on-year. China's high-speed rail equipment is successfully going global, and has made major breakthroughs in a series of core technologies to break foreign monopolies. In this regard, Wang Yongzhi, chief information officer of CRRC, said that China's high-speed rail has always adhered to the innovation path of taking me as the main factor, and the most important factor to achieve continuous independent innovation is the advantage of the national system. The government is also a customer, and combined with universities, research institutes, supporting enterprises, academicians to tackle key problems, forming a collaborative innovation model of government, industry, University, research and application

real core technologies and key technologies cannot be bought, and we must rely on independent innovation. Jin Zhuanglong, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of COMAC, also said that important progress has been made in undertaking major projects with enterprises as the main body. The focus of enterprises to improve their innovation ability is management innovation, technological innovation and system innovation. At present, there are four companies worldwide that own or are developing trunk aircraft with more than 100 seats, and five companies that own or are developing regional aircraft with 50 to 100 seats, including COMAC

in promoting made in China 2025, we should attach great importance to the transformation and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries and the activation of stock. How can a large manufacturing country like ours transform and upgrade? We must promote the application of digitalization and networking technology in the whole industry, especially promote the upgrading of manufacturing equipment, and arm China's manufacturing industry with autonomous and controllable advanced equipment and systems. Zhou Ji said

achievement transformation eliminates Death Valley

we have many innovations, and the achievement transformation rate of patents is very low, only 10% to 20%. Liu Baicheng, a professor and academician of the school of materials and mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University, suggested that, on the one hand, enterprises themselves should strengthen industrialization investment; On the other hand, the innovation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology should strengthen the innovation of technical components, technical materials and advanced processes in its planning, and build a bridge from laboratory to market for innovative products

Miao Wei pointed out that the focus is to build an innovation system with the national manufacturing innovation center as the core carrier, change the current situation of decentralized and fragmented innovation resources and forces, eliminate the death valley from laboratory products to industrialization, and improve the effectiveness of the supply of key common technologies. On June 30 this year, the first national manufacturing innovation center power battery innovation center was established. Miao Wei revealed that one or two more national manufacturing innovation centers will be established in the fields of additive manufacturing and industrial robots [-2.18% capital research report] this year

Gan Yong, former vice president and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, proposed to establish an innovative technology supply mode with large enterprise research institutes as the main body and the combination of industry, University and research in the industrial fields with high industrial concentration; In strategic emerging industries, we should establish an innovative technology supply mode with public R & D institutions as the main body and the combination of industry, University and research

among them, in aerospace, petrochemical, telecommunications, rail transit, display industry and other fields with high industrial concentration, the industry university research and application model with large enterprises as the main body has many successful experiences. Jin Zhuanglong introduced that COMAC has established a civil aircraft technology innovation system combining government, industry, University, research and application. ARJ21 new regional jet was officially put into commercial operation in June this year; Last year, the C919 large passenger aircraft, which came off the assembly line, will complete its first flight this year. At present, a total of 514 orders have been placed

in the field of rapid technological upgrading, active marketization and new products, we should apply modern technological means such as big data, cloud computing and networking, fully create a policy environment for the transformation, application and industrialization of technological achievements, and give full play to the role of diversified subjects such as colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, scientific and technological personnel in the supply of industrial innovative technologies. Gan Yong said

interconnection + resolve the mismatch between supply and demand

promote the deep integration of manufacturing and interconnection, especially the demand for microfiber PU leather will be increasing, and resolve the contradiction between supply and demand structure mismatch in manufacturing. Miao Wei said that we should speed up the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects, develop new manufacturing modes such as personalized customization and networked manufacturing, and focus on supporting enterprises to use the Internet to solve the problem of asymmetric information between market supply and demand, make the production system seamlessly connected with the supply chain system and electronic trading system, and realize lean production and accurate supply with zero inventory and zero waste

Lu Shan, President of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said that only by changing from technology to thinking, and then to tools, can Internet really be together with manufacturing industry +. It is not difficult to solve the problem of collaboration between human and machine in the change of production tools due to interconnection. And it is more difficult for the Internet to change the production mode, because it is to subvert the traditional manufacturing industry

the change of interconnection to production tools is mainly reflected in intelligent manufacturing, which is also regarded as the main direction of made in China 2025. Since 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology has launched a special action of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration. 110 intelligent manufacturing pilot projects have been selected, and the scope will be further expanded in 2017

Zhou Ji believes that intelligent manufacturing is a big system engineering. Among them, intelligent products are the main body, intelligent production is the main line, and the transformation of industrial model centered on intelligent services is the theme. These three aspects must be based on industrial interconnection. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, we should vigorously promote the technological transformation of replacing machines with people, focus on the promotion and application of digital networking equipment and production lines, and focus on the pilot demonstration projects of intelligent workshops and factories. The fundamental purpose of machine replacement is to improve product quality. Today, we will share the relevant data and production benefits of the torque testing equipment of 1.5 gold tools, so as to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises

intelligent factory is the most important, and intelligent manufacturing is to be promoted by improving quality and efficiency through intelligent factory. Whether it's the IOT of the underlying equipment, or whether it's the intelligent scheduling of the production of the oil delivery valve, or the production according to the order with the user, the intelligent factory is the most critical manufacturing node and production management node in network manufacturing. Said yanghaicheng, chief engineer of China Aerospace Science and technology [-3.69% capital research report] group

Zhang Ruimin, chairman and CEO of Haier Group, said that the key to an Internet factory lies in production and user connection. Traditional factories are physical spaces, while interconnected factories are network spaces and user communities. In the Internet factory, the needs of users are sent to users in the whole process from design and manufacturing to distribution. More importantly, after the products are produced, they will no longer enter the warehouse and no longer be distributed, but directly into the hands of users

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