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Discussion on ways to improve the temperament and taste of glass bottle packaging (I)

glass has been widely used in high-end cosmetic glass packaging all the time. Beauty products packaged in glass reflect the quality of products, and the heavier the glass material, the more luxurious the product will feel. Maybe this is the view of consumers, but it is really right. According to the Washington glassware Packaging Association (GPI), many companies that use organic or fine ingredients in their products are packaging their products with glass. According to GPI, because glass is inert and impermeable, these packaged formulas ensure that its ingredients can remain as is and maintain the integrity of the product. The relevant person in charge of the glass packaging Association (GPI) in Washington explained that glass continues to convey the message of quality, purity and product protection, which are three key elements for cosmetics and skin care manufacturers. And the decorative glass will further enhance the impression that the product is high-end

the influence of brands on cosmetics counters is created and expressed through the shape and color of products, which will cause extremely serious consequences, because they are the main factors that consumers first see. Moreover, because the product features in glass packaging are unique shapes and bright colors, packaging plays a role as a quiet advertiser

manufacturers of products are constantly trying to find special shapes, which will have a fatal impact on national security, so that their products can stand out from the competition. Coupled with the multiple functions of glass and eye-catching decoration technology, consumers will always reach out to touch or hold the cosmetics and skin care products in the glass packaging. Once the product is in their hands, the opportunity to buy this product immediately increases

how can we do it

the efforts made by manufacturers behind such decorative glass containers are usually taken for granted by end consumers. A perfume bottle is beautiful, of course, but what makes it so attractive? There are all kinds of methods. Beautypackaging, a decoration supplier, believes that there are countless ways to do it

AQL in New Jersey, USA, has launched the glass packaging of silk printing, mobile printing and PS label with the latest UV curing ink (uvinks). The relevant marketing director of the company said that they usually provide a complete set of services to create a unique appearance of packaging. UV curable inks for glass avoid the need for high-temperature annealing and provide almost unlimited color range. Annealing furnace is a heat treatment system, which is basically an oven with a conveyor belt moving through the center, which is used to solidify and dry ink when decorating glass. For ceramic inks, the temperature needs to be as high as about 1400 degrees, while organic inks offer 350 degrees. Derakane610 vinyl ester, which was launched in 2011, is specially developed for the emerging FRP infrastructure market. This kind of glass annealing furnace is often about six feet wide, at least 60 feet long, and consumes a lot of energy (natural gas or electricity). The latest UV curing ink only uses UV to cure; And this can be done in the printing machine or small oven at the end of the production line. Since the exposure time is only a few seconds, much less energy is required

Saint gobaindesjonqueres in France provides the latest technology in glass decoration. Among them, laser decoration involves vitrification of enamel materials onto glass materials. After the bottle is painted with enamel, the laser fuses the material onto the glass in the selected design. The superfluous gratitude to the heart enamel is washed away. The important advantage of this technology is that it can decorate the parts of the packaging bottle that cannot be processed so far, such as convex and concave parts and lines. It also makes it possible to sketch complex shapes and provides a wide range of colors and tactile sensations

lacquering includes spraying a layer of varnish. After this treatment, the whole or part of the glass bottle (using the cover) is sprayed. Then they are annealed in a drying oven. Painting provides a wide range of final finishing options, including transparent, frosted, opaque, shiny, matte, colorful, fluorescent, phosphorescent, metallized, interfering, pearlescent and metallic

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