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On June, the 8th China National Defense informatization equipment and Technology Expo 2019 (hereinafter referred to as "enterprise development and military industry exhibition") arrived as scheduled at the China International Exhibition Center (old museum) in Beijing. Building domestic military products is the focus of this exhibition. Full scale display value of 5.11 control cabinet of Shanghai zhaoyue Communication Co., Ltd.: 500; As a leading enterprise in the field of military communications in China, the company (hereinafter referred to as zhaoyue communication) focused on the introduction of products such as cronetcc-7212, cron Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, etcc-3452, cronetcc-7008 rack switches, mies-5710, mies-5814 wall mounted switches, mie-2412c core modules, cc-3452 core motherboards and so on

during the exhibition, many types of communication equipment built by zhaoyue communication for the military industry were favored by visitors, and they stopped one after another for technical consultation and business negotiation. To win the information war in the new era, we must follow the wind vane of the localization of the military industry. The core motherboard launched by zhaoyue communication this time adopts domestic Shengke ctc5160 exchange chip and Godson 2H chip. It is a high-end communication equipment with domestic core technology, which meets the general trend of localization, high quality and high performance in the current military industry

the megahop communication switch adopts the reinforced aviation connector and reinforced shell with 1mm high valve pin advance and retreat reliability at the same time. Compared with the traditional communication equipment, it is more suitable for the high-intensity vibration, corrosion, oxidation and other environments in the military field than the injection mold parts, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment, providing a strong underlying communication system for the military industry, and laying a strong foundation for a wide range of national defense systems

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