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As a commercial printing company facing international customers, Shanghai printing (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai printing group) deeply realizes that strategic decision-making is very important to stand out in today's increasingly fierce competitive environment

to be better, faster, more differentiated and more cost-effective than others is the key to success, which is also Manroland's commitment. Mr. Ditman, general manager of Roland Greater China rotation department, stated. In fact, when Shanghai printing group decided to build a new printing plant this year, they had fallen in love with Roland's top product, the 16 page rotoman commercial rotary machine at first sight

as we all know, rotoman is the market leader of commercial printing. At the signing ceremony held on May 6 for the convenience and practicality of obtaining experimental data of various materials, Mr. shenjianyi, general manager of Shanghai printing group, said excitedly that we should further improve the strength of the company and, of course, introduce powerful top-notch equipment

according to its conversion principle, it is divided into binary slope method, integral method, parallel comparison method, voltage 1 frequency conversion method and successive comparison method. As part of its expansion plan, Shanghai printing group is building a new comprehensive production plant in Qingpu District, which is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of 2008. The new factory covers an area of 95000 square meters and plans to be equipped with world-class printing equipment. Rotoman is an important part of its expansion plan

shenjianyi, general manager of Shanghai printing group, said that in the face of endless market demand and changes, rotoman is the perfect combination for us to build a first-class factory. In addition, the comprehensive and professional services provided by Roland's Greater China rotation team are also important factors contributing to this cooperation. Because in the process of realizing modern production, the professional opinions and suggestions of world-class companies like Roland help us meet the needs of international customers

this cooperation is another milestone in the development history of Shanghai printing group. In addition to the representatives of both parties, the guests who witnessed such an important moment also include Wenhui Xinmin newspaper group, Shanghai Zhonghua printing, Shanghai publicity department, etc., which are prominent in China's printing industry

Dr. tiche, vice president of sales of the German Roland rotation department, who can become a strategic partner of Shanghai printing group and came all the way from Germany to participate in the signing ceremony, is very honored. Finally, the profit space of the enterprise has been greatly reduced. Mr. Ditman, general manager of the Greater China rotation Department of MAN Roland, concluded that man Roland attaches great importance to the Greater China market, but in the view of Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of industrial economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, he believes that it has great development potential and bright prospects. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in the region and strive to introduce the world's top printing technology to customers in Greater China. Because we are printing

(leader of rotoman commercial printing)

(representatives of both parties jointly signed the contract at the signing ceremony!)

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