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Breakthroughs have been made in the key detection technology of distribution transformers

on June 5, Hebei Electric Power Research Institute successfully carried out the sudden short-circuit test of distribution transformers, which is the first time in China to use the energy storage test power supply to carry out the test, and the construction of anti short-circuit detection capacity of distribution transformers in northern Hebei has made a new breakthrough

as an important inspection item in the sampling inspection of distribution transformer material quality, most of the national standards for stainless steel materials stipulate tensile tests and hardness tests at the same time. According to the speed specified in gbt228 standard, the testing machine is allowed to print and distribute the "advice of the Ministry of industry and information technology on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry" to conduct tensile, tensile strength, yield strength The sudden short-circuit test of elongation often uses large impulse generator or special electric circuit as the test power supply, and the test conditions are very harsh, so it is difficult for the provincial electric power academy to carry out the test independently. With the increasing acceleration of distribution construction, the demand for distribution transformer quality inspection is increasing rapidly. Provincial power companies urgently need to establish a complete distribution transformer quality inspection system. Aiming at the existing technical difficulties and quality inspection needs, Hebei Electric Power Research Institute has coordinated its own technical forces to set up a research team, independently carried out key technology research, fully investigated the development status of this test technology at home and abroad, developed a new energy storage test power supply based on power electronics technology, mastered the key technology of sudden short-circuit test of distribution transformer, and established a complete quality inspection system of distribution transformer

it is reported that the new energy storage distribution transformer sudden short-circuit test power supply developed by Hebei Electric Power Research Institute can use its own energy storage system to provide test energy under working state, and realize effective isolation from electricity. It has many characteristics, such as electricity friendly, small investment scale, high degree of integration, intelligent and easy operation, accurate output parameters and so on. A small test site and power capacity can meet the test requirements, and successfully realize on-board mobility, It is convenient to carry out the test flexibly

the success of this test marks that Hebei Electric Power Research Institute has become the first provincial electric power research institute with the ability to comprehensively detect the quality of distribution transformers. When adopting such methods, it needs to pay attention to the impact of the inertia of moving objects on the experiment. In the next step, the project team will continue to improve the test system, invite well-known experts in the industry to carry out technical appraisal, and provide strong support for the quality inspection of power materials and the safe and stable operation of power distribution in the service country system and North Hebei

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