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Yuchai industrial new town: create an "upgraded version" of Yulin Industrial Development

Yuchai industrial new town: create an "upgraded version" of Yulin Industrial Development

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consolidate the foundation: create 100 billion industries and build a modern new town

this year, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government put forward the strategic goal of "building a foundation in three years and great changes in five years". The primary task of building a foundation is to lay a good industrial foundation, In accordance with the industrial development goal of "exceeding 260 billion in three years, 500 billion in five years, and more than 1trillion in eight years", we should comprehensively expand, strengthen and optimize industries

"to achieve these goals, we must thoroughly implement the strategy of 'Strengthening diesel and rejuvenating Jade', support Yuchai to carry out secondary entrepreneurship, give play to the leading role of Yuchai, drive the accelerated development of the city's industry, and spare no effort to create an 'upgraded version' of Yulin's industrial and economic development." Wang Kai, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Su Haitang, the mayor, stressed that "building Yuchai industrial new city is a powerful measure to actively adapt to the phased changes of our city from the primary stage of industrialization to the middle and late stage, promote the development of Yuchai and related supporting industries, expand and strengthen the machinery manufacturing industry, build it into a 100 billion industry, and promote the city's industries to measure the current pulsation through brain cells."

the new Yuchai industry has gradually moved from an experimental platform to a platform city. Since the planning and construction of the platform city was launched last year, the relevant departments at all levels in our city have highly unified their ideological understanding into the decision-making and deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. In the spirit of no wait for time and seize the day, they have taken strong measures to solidly promote the construction of the new Yuchai industry city, and strive to build the new Yuchai industry city into a city with a scale of more than 100billion yuan through three to five years of efforts With strong competitiveness, it is a green ecological modern industrial new city integrating national advanced equipment manufacturing, internal combustion engine research and development, modern logistics services, and livability

overall planning: the total land area is more than 10000 mu, spanning two counties and districts.

Yuchai industrial new town, as a modern industrial new town with the integration of industry and city, as a benchmark, must be bold, generous and large investment in planning and construction

how about the overall planning of Yuchai industrial new town? Where is the location? How big is the area? With a series of questions, he walked into the office of the planning and construction headquarters of Yuchai industrial new town and conducted an interview on the possibility of only replacing the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc and preserving the remaining structure

it is understood that the project site selection, current topographic map mapping, land use planning review and other planning work for the construction of Yuchai industrial new town have been completed, and the overall planning and regulatory detailed planning have been approved at relevant meetings

Yuchai industrial new town is located in the east of Yulin South exit lead of Yuzhou railway Expressway and the south of Luoyang Zhanjiang railway. At present, the total planned land area of the project is about 10957 mu, and the brand competition of automobiles is becoming increasingly fierce, including about 5626 mu in Yuzhou District and 5331 Mu in Luchuan county. During the start-up period, the planned land area is 2817.048 mu, and the land red line area is 2431.44 mu, which is basically located in Yuzhou District

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