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Yuchai heavy industry: plan the strategic target of 30billion yuan in the 12th Five Year Plan

Yuchai heavy industry: plan the strategic target of 30billion yuan in the 12th Five Year Plan

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Guide: after the 2011 Marketing Service Conference and supplier conference, the series of new products release and 100 customer signing ceremony, and the construction machinery Summit Forum, Yuchai heavy industry held a solemn press conference on the 12th Five year strategic plan at the Jinling Hotel in Taihu Bay on the afternoon of January 21, 2011. 2010 is the foundation year

following the 2011 Marketing Service Conference and supplier conference, the launch of a series of new products and the signing ceremony of 100 customers, and the construction machinery Summit Forum, Yuchai heavy industry held a solemn "12th Five Year Plan" strategic planning conference at the Jinling Hotel, Taihu Bay on the afternoon of January 21, 2011

2010 is the "foundation year"

yuchaizhong CFP company (carbon fiber prefabrication company) developed its roccs (rapid output controllable composite shape technology) into a fast, zero waste automated production process. It was established in 1989 with the voice of the 19 platform. Looking back on the growth and development of more than 20 years, it is full of challenge and passion, also wrote the struggle, and achieved a success. Since 1989, it took the lead in successfully developing China's first small hydraulic excavator, wy4, which has galloped overseas for more than 10 years. Now, it has more than 40 series and 150 varieties of excavator products, with products ranging from 0.8 tons to 220 tons. So far, it has preliminarily formed a product system dominated by earth moving machinery and piling machinery, covering hydraulic excavators, rotary drilling rigs, continuous wall hydraulic grab, aerial work demolition machines, aerial work platforms There are 9 categories of grabbing machines, shears, skid loaders and mining vehicles. So far, Yuchai heavy industry has become the new force with the most development potential for China's construction machinery manufacturing enterprises. 2010 is the closing year of the eleventh five year plan. Under the general situation of the comprehensive and high-speed development of the construction machinery industry, Yuchai heavy industry has achieved good business performance and rapid development opportunities with the positioning of "foundation year". It has achieved the goal of entering Changzhou Jianzhi medium and large-scale excavation and piling machinery in the East, expanding Luzhou in the west, improving the product chain, going north to Tianjin to realize the production and marketing franchise financing platform, and at the same time, it has advanced overseas and penetrated deeply into the European and American markets, The total sales volume reached the top 10 in China, and the first 50000 excavators produced and sold by national brands in the industry were born

2011 is a "turning point"

the 11th five year plan has come to a complete end, and the more challenging 12th Five Year Plan is coming. Yuchai heavy industry has positioned 2011 as a "turning year", which is mainly reflected in six aspects: first, the transformation of product serialization, from the original small excavation to a professional excavator manufacturer covering 220 ton products; Second, on the product line, from a single product pattern to a diversified development pattern, products are extended to piling machinery and mining machinery; Third, cultural transformation, systematically promote the construction of Yuchai heavy industry enterprise culture; Fourth, business form. They donated US $100000 to the American youth club for men and women to change from the original single factory operation to the group operation mode. At the same time, they launched the new business model of Yuchai heavy industry to build a unique core competitiveness; Fifth, diversified financing transformation, from the original simple asset management to the interactive management of capital and capital, which are often used experimental equipment; Sixth, the transformation of operation mode. The information industry platform has built a brand-new competitive management system and operation mode. It plans to achieve annual sales of more than 13000 units, with sales revenue of more than 6billion, and advance into China's top 500 manufacturing industries at one stroke. At this important historical moment when the 11th Five Year Plan and the 12th Five Year plan alternate, Yuchai heavy industry, guided by the core concept of "green development, harmony and win-win" of Yuchai group and the grand goal of "100 billion aircraft carriers", It has made plans for the next five years or more, formulated the overall development strategy for the 12th Five Year Plan, and determined the strategic objectives, strategic outline and strategic measures

the leap from made in China to high-quality brands

the overall guiding ideology of the plan is: adjust the product structure, optimize the business module, consolidate the core business, strengthen the strategic sector, capital and industrial operation, create scale and benefits together, adhere to quality first, and pursue international development

in terms of the overall strategic outline, grasp the opportunity of the development of the construction machinery industry, strengthen the capital operation of globalization, promote the optimization and adjustment of business structure, and form an advanced pattern of coordinated development of core business and strategic sectors

it is necessary to consolidate the core competitiveness of small and medium-sized excavation, maintain its leading market position, develop the strategic section steadily, and strive to rank among the top in the market in medium and large-sized excavation, piling machinery and mining business; Mechanized aerial work platforms, skid steer loaders, hoisting machinery, road machinery, and parts and components adhere to the "quality first, build brands with quality", and realize the leap from made in China to high-quality brands in China's construction machinery industry

15 billion in 2013 and 30 billion in 2015

the overall strategic goal of Yuchai heavy industry is to achieve a second leap in 2013, strive to achieve an overall sales revenue of more than 15 billion, deeply layout the global market and industrial chain, establish a global service network, establish a new concept with "service" as the core, and realize a multi forum, large-scale and professional business structure

in 2015, at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, we will strive to achieve the sales of various construction machinery products to exceed 60000 units, of which the proportion of overseas sales is more than 15%, and the overall sales revenue will exceed 30billion. We will steadily move towards the international operation track, establish a global supply chain and marketing service network, achieve strong international competitiveness in the operation mode, and become a well-known brand of world construction machinery

9 strategic initiatives

in order to achieve its goals, Yuchai heavy industry will take 9 strategic initiatives:

1. Establish and improve the supply chain system, and establish benefit sharing, risk sharing, and long-term strategic partnership with core component suppliers. At the same time, it is developing towards the construction of the gold industry chain, constantly improving the marketing channels and networks, and finally realizing the value sharing from the upstream industry to the terminal

2. Actively improve production capacity and industrial layout, and realize large-scale, diversified, collaborative and Lean products with the help of information integration platform and mechanical automation technology

3. Actively carry out global capital operation, actively promote the stock market, remanufacture, diversified financing, and innovative business mechanism

4. Be market-oriented, constantly optimize and innovate the market model, give full play to the advantages of financial leasing and second, remanufacture, and maintain rapid response and high-speed operation

5. Realize overseas strategic expansion, deeply layout the traditional markets in Europe and the United States, at the same time, explore the eight major markets in the world, and strengthen and expand Africa, Southeast Asia and South America

6. Establish a competitive concept and business mechanism with active service, personalized service and innovative service as the core

7. Deeply cultivate Yuchai enterprise culture, improve enterprise soft power, and create new competitive advantages

8. Enrich the quality connotation of Yuchai heavy industry, enhance the brand charm of "boundless products and unlimited quality", and build a world-famous brand

9. Strengthen the construction of leading team and reserve talent team, especially the construction of international talent team, and promote the better and faster development of Yuchai heavy industry

general manager zhangshiyong finally swore: "We are well aware that the construction machinery industry is full of competition, and each section has strong benchmarks and signs. We must correctly face our own shortcomings before we can face challenges. For this, Yuchai heavy industry is ready. It is the spirit of Yuchai to meet endless challenges with reform. Yuchai heavy industry will be able to share the future and success with you. We look forward to winning the overall victory of the 12th Five Year Plan!"

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