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Touch NB's new machine demand was not as good as expected, and the touch factory was frustrated

under the cautious attitude of brand manufacturers in promoting new machines, the demand for touch NB was not as good as AK's expectation. Coupled with the approach of Youda and Qunzhuang competitors, the film touch camp joined the war with metalmesh (metal lattice), and Nb's big factory intended to bargain with the touch factory. The performance of Shenghua and f-tpk, the glass based touch factory, was disappointing in the second quarter, and we can only expect tablet and order injection in the third quarter

Shenghua and f-jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. electronic tensile testing machine is the product of the combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology. TPK's two glass based touch panel factory recently announced disappointing revenue in June, with Shenghua's monthly decrease of 26% and f-tpk's decline of 40%. In addition to Shenghua's indication of the impact of panel shortage, f-tpk pointed out Tablet and Nb orders fell synchronously in June, which was not expected in May

among them, the establishment of an industrial alliance for the utilization of Taolu new material diesel engine will have the greatest impact on the ipad5, which will be launched in September. Apple began to significantly adjust the orders of the old iPad. Originally, Shenghua and f-tpk expected NB touch to fill the vacancy of iPad order conversion (replacing thin film touch), but they fell into a dilemma when NB touch demand was not as good as expected. The market demand for touch NB is weak, and Nb brand manufacturers have lowered their shipping targets for this year. The industry pointed out that recently, Nb touch orders have been like a stagnant pool, but the touch capacity is still opening up sharply

dahong's second 4.5-generation OGS new plant in Taichung, which is reinvested by f-tpk, will be mass produced in July, and f-tpk Pingtan's 5.5-generation OGS plant is also planned to be put into production in October. At the same time, Youda and qunchuang launched a standardized integrated NB touch solution to grab the market at a low price. Thin film touch camps such as oufeiguang, interface and Yanghua entered the Nb touch market with metalmesh, and the Nb touch price war is imminent

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